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Visibility & Control for Accounting Firms

Finally in control of my practice.

G2 Review from Ali Redwood, TaxAssist Accountants

Know where every job stands across your accounting firm, who's working on what, and what’s being said to clients. No blind spots. Nothing falls through the cracks.

See what’s happening and be in control

To lead a firm to practice excellence, you need to see clearly across systems, workflows, team, and clients.

Karbon gives you the single source of truth you've always wanted. Look at the big picture of and see how things are tracking at-a-glance, or hone in on what’s important down to the task level. Everyone has what they need at their fingertips, and the ability to actually do something about it.

A work capacity dashboard in Karbon.

Leading accounting firms use Karbon for visibility and control


Bring all your accounting firm’s tasks, notes, emails, documents, and data together in one place

UI depciting moving cards on a kanban.

Know where every job stands

Karbon brings all tasks, notes, emails and documents relating to a job together, so you have everything you need when you need it.

Look at the big picture and see how things are tracking at-a-glance, or hone in on what’s important down to an individual task. Everyone has what they need at their fingertips.

Explore centralized knowledge
Image of a UI showing detailed data about an email's assignment and sharing settings.

Track every interaction automatically

Every email, internal note and detail, for each client, is in one shared place for your team. Know who last contacted a client, what was said, and when that was.

When a client calls you can instantly see where things stand. Managing client relationships has never been easier.

Explore centralized knowledge
An illustration of three methods for tracking billing through Karbon.

Monitor billing realization

Understand profitability, know the cost of delivery, and accurately price your services.

Track WIP, realization, and aged receivables with purpose-built dashboards, or build custom API solutions.

Explore billing and payments
A graph illustrating work completed over time.

Optimize staff utilization

Real-time reports and work dashboards make it simple to track performance. Keep a tight handle on who is completing work, job efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

As work progresses, your insights are updated automatically, equipping you with accurate information to make better-informed decisions.

Explore business analytics
A Practice Intelligence workflow report infographic.

Make data-driven decisions

Get answers to critical business questions about performance, productivity and more. Karbon Practice Intelligence provides you with advanced reporting with visualization, configuration and API access to your data.

Convert data into well-structured, analyzable insights with pre-modeled datasets for work items and time entry analysis. Data is refreshed daily to keep the entire business informed.

Explore Karbon Practice Intelligence

Visibility & Control Features

Activity TimelinesShared history of emails, notes, tasks and activity relating to any job or client.

Kanban BoardView and optimize all of the jobs going on across your team.

Karbon Practice IntelligenceUncover critical business insights, align around goals, and bring clarity.More detail

InsightsEasy-to-read reports detailing critical output and efficiency metrics.

Global SearchEverything in Karbon is searchable. Find anything across your organization in seconds.

Ecosystem Integrations and APIIntegrate ecosystem apps to streamline data handling and automate processes.

Time & BudgetsEstimate and track time to understand profitability and allocate resources.

Client AnalysisUnderstand the clients consuming time most and who are your most valuable.

Email ActionsEmails assigned to whoever is best for the job, not stuck in individual inboxes.

Auto-remindersStop chasing clients for missing information. Karbon sends task reminders for you.

Client PortalCollaborate with clients in one streamlined workflow with tasks and document sharing.

Billing & PaymentsConsolidate systems, automate every step, take hours off the billing process.More detail

Integrated EmailEvery email between your client and anyone on your team, in one single place.

LeaderboardsKeep track of your most effective team members and clients.

Calendar IntegrationOrganize your work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan.More detail

Customer Stories

Total transparency

Karbon allows total transparency across the entire practice, allowing us to maximize efficiencies and streamline processes. We couldn’t work without it!

Natalie Lennon
Natalie LennonTwo Sides Accounting

The one system

Karbon is the one system that everyone opens every morning, and our go-to for all information about clients and work that needs to be done.

Steph Hinds
Steph HindsGrowthwise

Nothing else compares

Have you ever wanted one spot to check email, delegate tasks, manage projects and customers? Karbon is it. Nothing else compares to this robust, all-inclusive system.

Mariel Diaz
Mariel DiazAccounting for Jewelers

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Explore other benefits of Karbon

In addition to radically improved visibility and control, Karbon customers enjoy more united teams and greater efficiency, increasing morale and productivity.