Workstream Collaboration

How work gets done.

Increase your team’s output with an advanced workstream collaboration platform integrated with your email — Karbon gives context to all work and communication, ensuring visibility across teams, departments and locations.


Who's it for?

Karbon is ideal for managing functional teams and departments inside large organizations or client-facing service businesses.


Maximize your team’s output.

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Karbon provides clear, standardizeable processes and efficient workflows to keep everyone aligned to the same goals across teams, departments and locations, every step of the way.


Customizable, centralized views of all work in progress, internal and external communication, tasks, contacts, clients, activity and notes all combine to provide greater visibility and control, enabling you and your team to know where everything stands, always.


Stop working in communication silos and start discussing work with your team directly in the context of the work and tasks themselves. Karbon is a natively collaborative platform built for today’s digital workplace.

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Two Roads
“Our team is constantly getting more efficient. They have the capacity to take on more clients, can spend more time at home, and earn more money per hour.”
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Karbon is trusted by teams worldwide.

“Karbon has driven massive time-savings, business process improvements, and significantly enhanced our client engagement experience.”

— Billy Lacey , Ipsum Advisors —

“Karbon has been the single greatest difference for us this year. Without Karbon, we would not have been able to fully take advantage of the growth opportunities we were presented.”

— John Bovard , The Bovard CPA Group —

“Karbon helps our team stay up-to-date with everything going on and work together in a much more efficient way.”

— Megan Burger , The Bottom Line —