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Project Management for Accounting Firms

Ensure all work is delivered on target

You know where every job stands in Karbon. Align everyone to the same goals, adjust priorities and have confidence that nothing can fall through the cracks.

Image depicting a user interface to divide work via a kanban board.

Track job progression, identify bottlenecks and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Optimize everyone’s workload for a more efficient, productive team. Allocate resources by seeing who has capacity to take on more work, ensuring no one is overburdened.

In one single view you can track the progression of jobs, identify bottlenecks and avoid work falling through the cracks, with complete confidence that you have the full picture.
Image detailing a template selection interface.

Standardize common processes that can evolve as your team grows.

Work in Karbon is driven by standardized templates, ensuring processes don’t break and quality is maintained as your team evolves and your business grows.

Customizable statuses, job roles and work types empower your staff to tailor processes to suit the way your team works, streamlining your workflows like never before.
Image of a UI detail showing a week overview dashboard.

Everyone knows the tasks they need to work on today and what’s coming up next.

Karbon organizes work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan for each staff member.

Distractions and noise are filtered to reveal only the work items that matter to each person, what they are responsible for, what is most urgent, and the context they need to plan ahead.

Project Management Features

My WeekOrganize your work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan.

Work TemplatesStandardize your common processes and workflows in customizable templates.

Document StorageFiles and documents automatically stored and organized against clients and jobs.

Global SearchEverything in Karbon is searchable. Find anything across your organization in seconds.

Activity TimelinesShared history of emails, notes, tasks and activity relating to any job or client.

Work SchedulerSet recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules.

Integrated EmailEvery email between your client and anyone on your team, in one single place.

ChecklistsWork tasks and sub-tasks ensure everyone knows their own responsibility.

Job EstimatesEstimate time and budget for every job to help make better-informed decisions.

Experience the Karbon effect.

These findings were obtained through Karbon’s 2022 Firm Usage Survey.

On average, Karbon saves every employee 16.5 hours each week.

3.2 hours

Saved chasing clients

3.9 hours

Saved managing and completing work and tasks

3.2 hours

Saved reading, actioning and searching for email

4.1 hours

Saved with more efficient team collaboration

2.1 hours

Saved automating low-value admin tasks

18% growth

In firm-wide productivity

Accounting firms using Karbon manage projects tightly with ease.

How Tabworks started delivering work to new clients within 5 business days

How Tabworks started delivering work to new clients within 5 business days

Karbon helps the Tabworks team identify priorities and quickly eliminate bottlenecks, so everyone stays on top of their work, always.

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Armanino Business Management find greater visibility accountability

Armanino Business Management find greater visibility and accountability

Armanino use Karbon to manage all their work—giving everyone the peace of mind that nothing will fall through the cracks.

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Project Management in Karbon Firms

Workflow management using Karbon’s Kanban system just makes it so easy to see what needs to be done today, tomorrow, and in the future.
Randall Orser
Randall Orser
Number Crunchers Accounting
Karbon helps us plan better, deliver work better, communicate better, see where anything is at, and collaborate to get things done.
Timothy Munro
Timothy Munro
Change Accountants
There is a real peace of mind that comes with streamlining work in Karbon. We know it’s all there, and we don’t need to worry about it until it’s time to do it.
Melissa Stout
Melissa Stout

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