Artificial Intelligence for Accounting Firms

Karbon AI


Automate tasks and work faster with AI and GPT securely integrated into your collaborative practice management.

If you are a Karbon customer, you can register your interest to use the Karbon AI beta.

A stylized Karbon UI showing a comment where an employee has writted 'Hi @Amelia, the email request for documents went out, do we have everything we need?'. Amelia responds: 'Hi @Sara, I’ll check and pick this up'. Karbon AI has summarized this conversation as 'Sara emailed Rachel from Reach Foundation and asked for required documents. Rachel has responded and attached 4 files. Amelia has picked up the work'

Summarize email and comments

Create a bite-sized summary of long email conversations and internal discussions. See what’s important and actionable, before deciding if you need to dig deeper.
A section of Karbon's email composition interface showing a user providing a prompt for the AI assistant to draft the message. Prompt reads: 'Email client contact asking for anything relevant to this year’s return that may have been missed. Include due date.'

Compose an email from a task

Provide personalized updates to your clients as their job progresses. Set a task within your workflow to automatically draft an email reflecting your progress and any other prompts you provide.

Compose email

Draft an email in seconds based on a few quick prompts or phrases. Then review and adjust before sending.

A section of Karbon's email composition interface showing AI assistant features: 'Change Tone' and 'Compose from Draft'

Adjust your tone

Improve outgoing email by adjusting the tone to suit the situation.

A section of Karbon's email composition interface showing AI Tone Change options: 'Neutral', 'Apologetic', 'Conversational' and 'Direct'

Compose replies

Use the content of an email to draft a reply with one click.

A section of Karbon's email composition interface showing AI assiutiant option to compose a reply to an email automatically based on the content of the email

Karbon AI in Action

Chief Product Officer Sara Goepel demonstrates Karbon’s AI-powered features and the human thinking behind them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Karbon customer, you can register your interest to use the Karbon AI beta. Please read the terms and conditions.

Yes! The features released in the first version of Karbon AI are just the beginning. There is lots more functionality coming very soon to help your accounting firm automate more tasks, save more time, and add more value to your clients.

Today, there is no charge for the Karbon AI Beta. There will be an additional cost for Karbon AI in the future, which will be communicated to all Karbon customers.

Yes. Security was a key consideration at every stage of the development of Karbon AI. The Azure OpenAI Service, which powers Karbon AI, provides critical enterprise security, compliance, and regional availability. Your data is always secure and stays within Karbon, alongside all your other data.

Karbon AI utilizes Azure OpenAI Service to serve GPT-3.5. This includes built-in responsible AI and enterprise-grade Azure security.

To use Karbon AI you need an existing Karbon subscription. You can start a free trial of Karbon here.

Artificial intelligence is most useful when it is integrated into the tools that you already work in. Not only because that means less switching back and forth between apps, but when artificial intelligence is in the context of your workflow it can be prompted by your existing data, while that data remains secure.

As your accounting firm’s practice management solution, Karbon is home to more context than any other tool. It’s where your client management, communication, collaboration, work, and planning take place.

Karbon AI's capabilities will continue to expand across your collaborative workflow, increasing the possibilities of what you can do with your data.

Right now, if Karbon AI is turned on in your account it will be made available to everyone. In the future, we will explore options to apply individual settings.

At this time, we are not training our Karbon AI model with anyone's data. No data is shared with any third party or used to inform the data of any other Karbon customers. We guarantee that if that changes, it will strictly be an opt-in process and communication around this will be clear.

Karbon AI is just getting started.

Thanks to input from customers, the future is full of powerful possibilities.


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