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Customer Story

Focusing on the best parts of being an accountant with Avalon Accounting

Avalon Accounting strives to help small business owners along their entrepreneurship journey. In fact, they are dedicated to helping their clients outgrow them. It’s all part of the plan.

Led by Joe Collins, Avalon Accounting is a Canadian remote-based team providing small businesses with a suite of bookkeeping and accounting services. 

Ultimately, the team at Avalon Accounting is hyper-focused on using the right cloud technology to provide accessible information, clarity and timely service to their clients, while also making sure their own business is trending towards their goals.

And that’s where Karbon helps.

Karbon allows us to get our work done on a schedule and unleash our team to do our best work.

Joe Collins, Avalon Accounting

It’s the ability to help their clients succeed that drives Avalon Accounting. And with Karbon providing clarity and consolidation to the firm, they can focus on doing just that. And according to Joe, that’s “the best part about being an accountant.”

It’s nice to have just one, central place where we can see all of our client data. Karbon is my first tab in Chrome, it’s always going to be my first tab because it’s where all our work gets done.

Joe Collins, Avalon Accounting