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Resource Planning

Oversee your team's capacity, understand workload, and determine when to initiate new work

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This workbook helps you answer these questions about your firm:

  1. How much work does my team have planned for the upcoming period?
  2. How much work is unplanned (not in My Week) but due in the upcoming period?
  3. What is my team’s capacity to complete this work?
  4. Which week/month/quarter does my team have capacity to start new work?
  5. Which of my team members are over capacity and need work reassigned?

About the Resource Planning workbook

The Resource Planning workbook helps you understand your team’s capacity and the ability to manage additional work.

It provides a clear view of the work your team needs to complete on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis using My Week and Budget Estimates. The data combines work from My Week (planned work) with work items not in My Week (unplanned) into a single view so you can see all the work your team has to complete, along with their capacity.

The workbook also highlights team members who may be overloaded, helping you identify constraints and bottlenecks. If needed, you can easily reassign work by accessing the work items directly from the workbook and adjusting budgets in Karbon. This allows you to manage your team’s capacity while keeping Karbon in-sync and removing the manual process.

For team members with scheduled time off, you can specify task types that reduce capacity. This enables accurate planning by reflecting the reduced availability in future time entries for the designated week.

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