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Client Portal for Accounting Firms

Connect your firm and clients with a secure client portal

Engage with your clients, share sensitive information and communicate with ease.

Image of an email message with a link to complete a checklist of tasks.

Collect information painlessly

Assign tasks to clients and use magic links for easy file sharing. Schedule automatic reminders and let Karbon chase the information for you to track progress of outstanding items.
Image showing communication in a client onboarding task in a Karbon client portal.

Communicate in context

Collect and manage client communications, assign tasks, request files, and keep clients and team members on task. Your team has everything they need to take action and respond faster.
Image of a structured task checklist prepared for a client.

Empower your clients

Bring structure to your client relationships and be a true extension of their business. Key features such as upload notifications, audit trails, and drag and drop files eliminate the need to search through email or folders.

Customize your client experience

Add your firm's logo to create a familiar, branded experience. Encourage clients to share files in real time through links on your website and emails.

View of a simplified Karbon UI using a firm's branding.

Connect in multiple languages

Increase your international reach and attract new clients by translating your Client Portal into French, Dutch and Spanish.

Image of a UI snapshot with text written in Spanish.

Automate reminders

Stop chasing clients for missing information. Automatic reminders are sent to clients, allowing your team to focus on helping their businesses succeed.

Simplified UI of a reminder to complete a task checklist.
Time Savings Calculator

Karbon’s Client Portal could add $516,429 of value to your firm

That’s an additional 7 full-time and 1 part-time employees through automating the collection of client data.

7.1 people

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Karbon’s Client Portal?
Using Client Portal, you can deliver better, more responsive, more transparent and higher quality service to your clients. Set up takes less than 30 seconds. In Karbon, go to Settings > Client Portal > Your Login Page to copy the URL and add it to your website or send it your customers in an email.
Can I use my own branding in Karbon’s Client Portal?
Yes. In Karbon, go to Settings > Client Portal > Theming and add your logo.
What can my clients see when they log in to the Client Portal?
The Client Portal provides clients with a full view and history of their requests, documents and communication. They will see up to 1,000 work items that have open requests for them to complete, as well as view the last 1,000 completed work items they had client requests on.
How does my client access the Client Portal?
They simply access your client portal via the link that you share with them by email or include on your website.
How do my clients log in to the Client Portal?
The Client Portal is accessed through a secure magic link, which is a unique URL generated every time a client request is sent. When a client accesses the tasks sent to them, the link in the email is then associated with that device. This means that client requests are only accessible from that device.
Are magic links and the Client Portal software secure?
Yes. Karbon takes our responsibility for our customers’ and their clients’ data security seriously. The Karbon Client Portal is a Karbon platform feature that allows trusted advisors to engage with their clients and share information in a manner that is more secure than email. For more information, refer to the Client Portal security statement.
Is the Client Portal cloud-based?
Yes. The Karbon Client Portal and the underlying IT computing environment that operates its functionality are cloud-based.
How much does the Client Portal cost?
The Client Portal is included in the price of both the Team and Business Karbon subscriptions. Refer to Karbon pricing plans.
Can I upload tax returns to the Client Portal?
Yes. Accounting firms and clients can upload, share, and download any attachment (uploaded by the CPA/bookkeepers or themselves).
Is the Client Portal available on the mobile app?
Karbon is responsive and can be used on mobile web browsers to allow you to manage your emails, notes and tasks. Client Portal is not currently available on the mobile app.

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