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Guided Implementation
Ongoing Support
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Team Training

Implementation Packages

Get your firm up and running seamlessly.

Group Onboarding

Free online training with a Karbon Expert. Learn how to get started, create your first workflow template, and have your questions answered.

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Full-Service Onboarding

Our most popular option. Transition to Karbon with contact import, robust workflow optimization, bulk project creation, and firm-specific team training.

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Designed for larger firms. Transition to Karbon with guided data migration, custom workflow solutions, and personalized team training options.

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Popular Add-Ons

Ensure your firm gets the ideal combination of services.

Annual Service Plan

Be guided by your dedicated account manager to gain maximum value from Karbon.
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • First access to features
  • Data updates and reporting

Time, Budgets & Billing

Includes three 1:1 training sessions to optimize time and budgets setup.
  • With a Karbon Expert
  • Learn best practices
  • Prepare for time entry and billing

Bulk Work Creation

Assisted import of projects.
  • With a Karbon Expert
  • Review and error resolution
  • Quickly add projects

Workflow Optimization

Expert workflow optimization of Karbon templates. Includes three 1:1 training sessions to ensure continuous process improvement.
  • With a Karbon Expert
  • Learn best practices
  • Ensure continuous process improvement

Individual Services

Assisted Data Import
Detailed Contact Migration
Assisted import of client data (people, organizations and client groups), review and error resolution.
Bulk Work Creation
Assisted import of all jobs and work detail, plus review and error resolution.
Bulk re-apply templates
Re-apply any updated work template/s to all work items that have been created from those templates in the past.
Practice Setup & Processes
Template Review
Personalized video recording from a Karbon Expert providing best practice advice and suggested improvements to one of your workflow templates.
Workflow Overview Session
Discovery session and optimization of Karbon practice settings based on how your firm operates and recommended best practices.
Process Visualization
Conversion of all existing Karbon templates into process maps to assist with process improvement projects.
Work Template Optimization
Expert workflow optimization of Karbon templates. Includes 1:1 training (3 Sessions) to ensure continuous process improvement.
Process Consulting
Quote On Request
Assistance defining process and building and optimizing Karbon templates. Includes: process derivation, process mapping, optimization and work template upload.
White Glove Experience
Starting at $9,999
A truly customized implementation plan tailored to you. Includes all processes migrated by Karbon experts, settings customized to your firm, and custom training designed for your firm.
Approved proposal integration Setup & Training - (GoProposal, Ignition)
Review integration documentation with a Karbon expert and learn best practices and another session to test various proposals to ensure the workflow is setup correctly.
Time, Budgets & Billing – Setup & training
Review and update of workflow templates, bulk application of budgets to new and existing work items, three meetings including a discovery session to ensure your Karbon account is set up and optimized for budgets and firm operations, a review call once set up to ensure everything is working as intended, and a team training session through a full time tracking and billing cycle.
Guided/DIY Onboarding
Meet with a Karbon expert to review onboarding material and set up a custom self-onboarding plan with accountability check-ins along the way.
One-On-One Champion Training
Live 1:1 session with an expert to answer your questions, learn best practices and ensure you are making the most out of Karbon.
Team Training (Up To 12 People)
Live session for up to 12 team members with expert training on how to use Karbon’s key features + Q&A.
Team Training Pack (Up To 12 People) - Three Sessions
Three live sessions for up to 12 team members with expert training on how to use Karbon’s key features + Q&A.
Account Optimization for Tax Queue System
Three live sessions with an expert to optimize templates, design work views, and develop team instructions to support various methods of queue systems (e.g. pull list/pick list, production system, etc).
Product Expansion
Extended Email History (12 Months)
Import an extended history of your email to allow you to store a full record of communication against clients and work items. Pricing is per 12 months worth of history.
Additional Storage (Per 5GB)
Additional storage for your team's files and email.
Custom Reporting
Starting At $6,000
Email Insights
Detailed reporting on individual, team and client email activity and efficiency.
Custom Data Export
Quote On Request
Zapier Enablement Training
1:1 session with a Karbon expert to discuss documentation, common workflows, and connection options plus assisted setup.
API Enablement & Conversation
1:1 session with a Karbon expert to discuss existing and future API endpoints. Karbon API team will create the developer account for the firm.
Document Management Connections
Connect work items to your Document Management System, in addition to the limit included in your subscription.
200 work item connections
1,000 work item connections
5,000 work item connections
Extended Support
Annual Service Plan
Be guided by your dedicated account manager to gain maximum value from Karbon through quarterly business reviews, first access to features, data updates and reporting.
Tech Annual Service Plan
Get access to industry leading advice, exclusive courses & community, premium integrations support & a client workflow map. For firms that want to take their tech stack to the next level.
Online Coaching (Video Call)
In-Person Coaching Day-Rate
In-Person Coaching Week-Rate

Learn from our Team of Expert Advisors


Process Optimization

“Effective and efficient processes are a critical component of making your business scalable and maximizing profitability.”

Ian Vacin


Team Training

“It’s important to have your team onboard early. Live group training is a key way of ensuring a smooth transition.”

Carla Caldwell


Data Migration

“Data is an important part of your migration, so I’d recommend doing this early. The sooner your data is in Karbon, the sooner you’ll gain value.”

Tim Donohoue



“Choosing a team member to be your Change Champion is the best way of ensuring the introduction of any new system remains on-track.”

Erin Jamison


Template Creation

“Focus on your most critical and common processes when choosing what to document first. Consider where efficiency and consistency is most important.”

Zach Cochran


Long-term Success

“Plan as far in advance as you can. A little training or process improvement today often delivers a huge return in the long-term.”

Andi Ancheta

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