Training, Practice Advisory & Consulting

Premium Services

From onboarding to data migration, and process re-invention to ongoing advanced training—our premium services are designed to help you maximize value and empower your team to become Karbon power users.

Data Migration

Karbon is the foundation of your business, centralizing all your data in one cloud-based location. Our expert onboarding team can prepare, upload, and tune your data in Karbon for you, including client details, process templates and work items.

Data migration assistance includes full data import, in-depth data review and error resolution. Everything you need will be fully populated in Karbon, setting you up to accelerate forward.

Karbon's availability and true partnership to structure the system to work for our firm was most appreciated.
Melissa Stout, mAccounting

Personalized Training

Help your team to get more done in less time by empowering them to become Karbon power users. Premium training will ensure your business can transition to Karbon in the shortest possible time.

Our full set of training options include one-on-one training, live team sessions, advanced training, ongoing quarterly sessions, and role-based concept training outlining advanced concepts for specialists including Sales, Onboarding, Managers, Administrators and Partners.

The weekly, sometimes twice a week, one-on-one training was extremely helpful, personalized, and helped us move forward to implementation quickly.
Caroline Herrington, Stephens & Company

Process Optimization

Effective and efficient processes are a critical component of making your business scalable and maximizing profitability. Through expert assistance on process optimization, discovery, re-invention, and mapping, our team can help you get the most out of your business, staff, and Karbon.

Process optimization services include a detailed discovery meeting with your dedicated expert, process map visualization, template migration, template optimization, process training and Karbon Settings optimization.

The Karbon team's knowledge and expertise on process development helped us effectively build the system to exactly fit our needs. We not only felt fully supported through the implementation of Karbon, but we also learned better ways to refine our existing processes.
Christian Rigsby, Pasaban Accounting Solutions

Personalized Service

No matter what service you choose, your dedicated Karbon expert will work with you every step of the way. Whether you require a specialist, integration expert, coach, or someone local, our list of certified partners will be able to assist you.

Our team can personalize your service to suit your needs, ensuring your Karbon adoption is a success—from setup to data migration, and in-depth training to ongoing priority support.

The Karbon team were awesome and very supportive. They are generous with their time as they understand that having great support made all the difference in the success of implementing this program.
Catherine Catherine, Armanino

Packaged Services

Comprehensive packaged services are designed to ensure your firm gets the ideal combination of services for your needs and delivers better value than purchasing services individually.

Training Package

Up to five hours of personalized training to ensure your team become Karbon power-users in the shortest time possible.

Includes: One-On-One Champion Training (1 Session), Team Training (2 Sessions), Advanced Team Training (2 Sessions) and Role-Based Advanced Concept Training.

Data Migration

Complete data migration of clients, practice settings, process templates and work items.

Includes: Full Data Import, In-Depth Data Review, Error Resolution

Process Package

Assisted practice and process setup to optimize Karbon for your practice.

Includes: Discovery Meeting, Practice Settings Optimization, Process Map Visualization, Template Migration (3 Templates), Template Optimization, Process Training (3 One-Hour Sessions).

Full Service Onboarding

Premium, white-glove onboarding service.

Includes all services in the Training, Data and Process packages.

Contact your Karbon Account Manager or Support Team for more information

Individual Services

Assisted Data Import
Detailed Contact Migration

Assisted import of client data (people, organizations and client groups), review and error resolution.

Workflow Processes Migration

Assisted import of templates, work types and job roles, plus review and error resolution.

Bulk Work Creation

Assisted import of all jobs and work detail, plus review and error resolution.

Bulk re-apply templates

Re-apply any updated work template/s to all work items that have been created from those templates in the past.

Practice Setup & Processes
Assisted Practice Setup

Discovery meeting and optimization of Karbon practice settings based on how your firm operates and recommended best practices.

Process Visualization

Conversion of all existing Karbon templates into Microsoft Visio/ LucidChart process maps to assist with process improvement projects.

Work Template Optimization

Expert migration and optimization of 3 processes into Karbon templates. Includes 1:1 training (3 Sessions) to ensure continuous process improvement.

Process Consulting
Quote On Request

Assistance defining process, and building and optimizing Karbon templates. Includes: process derivation, process mapping, optimization and work template upload.

One-On-One Champion Training

Live 1:1 session with an expert to answer your questions, learn best practices and ensure you are making the most out of Karbon.

Team Training (Up To 12 People)

Live session for up to 12 team members with expert training on how to use Karbon’s key features + Q&A.

Advanced Team Training (Up To 12 People)

Live session for your team, focusing on advanced Karbon concepts like work management, workflow, reporting, and best practices.

Quarterly Training with Expert (Q&A Session)

One year of quarterly 1:1 sessions with an expert to walk through the newest features, get refreshers on key workflows + Q&A.

Product Expansion
Extended Email History (12 Months)

Import an extended history of your email to allow you to store a full record of communication against clients and work items. Pricing is per 12 months worth of history.

Multiple Email Inboxes
Additional Storage (Per 5GB)

Additional storage for your team's files and email.

Custom Reporting
Starting At $6,000
Email Insights

Detailed reporting on individual, team and client email activity and efficiency.

Custom Data Export
Quote On Request
Dedicated Hosting in Local Market

Dedicated hosting in an Azure local cloud center.

Extended Support
In-App Chat Support

Access to 24/7 live chat with Karbon experts for support and best practice advice.

Dedicated Account Manager

An assigned Account Manager to give you on-demand answers and ongoing support.

Online Coaching (Video Call)
In-Person Coaching Day-Rate
In-Person Coaching Week-Rate