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eSignature for Accounting Firms

Collaborative and secure eSignature software for your accounting firm

Engage clients effortlessly, get approvals faster, and streamline your document workflows.

A client's signature on an approval within Karbon.

Collect eSignatures and approvals painlessly

Prepare documents for approval and request electronic signatures right from Karbon.

Clients can sign documents or approve any type of file through a secure link instantly from any device, making it fast and flexible for everyone to get to the next step.

A checklist of tasks showing approved and signed items

Centralize your document workflow

With eSignature embedded in your document workflow, you can keep all client documents organized and accessible in one place.

No more app-switching to track down a critical approval or eSignature—all the context you need can be found in Karbon.

A timeline showing who has sent, viewed, and signed a document

Track all activities automatically

Stay in control with real-time updates on document approval and eSignature statuses.

See who has viewed, signed, and what’s pending, and track every action taken with an auto-generated and time-stamped trail of all activities.

A view of the Karbon auto-reminders dialog box, showing a reminder with a custom email template set to send every two business days

Automate the client chase

Set up customizable reminders on approvals and eSignatures to cut down the manual client chase.

Use Karbon’s powerful task automators to instantly get on to the next task when your client has given the requested approval or an electronic signature on a document.

Karbon is AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

Ensure security and compliance

Protect you and your clients with top-tier security and compliance standards.

Karbon’s eSignature feature is built with the same encryption and data protection mechanisms used across Karbon to ensure your information and documents are always kept secure.

eSignature & Approval Features

Document ApprovalUpload and prepare documents for client approval

Document CustomizationDrag and drop editable fields onto your document

Create Approval Tasks from WorkCreate a document approval task directly on any work item or work template

Create eSignature Tasks from WorkCreate an eSignature task directly on a work item or work template

Multiple SignatoriesAdd one or multiple signers on an approval or eSignature task

Email Template CustomizationEdit and customize the request emails to reflect your brand

Auto RemindersSet up reminders to auto-chase clients until requests are completed

Automated Activity HistoryGet real-time updates on all activities related to an approval or eSign request

Security & ComplianceYou and your clients’ data are fully encrypted in transit and at rest

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Karbon’s eSignature functionality?
When it launches, every Karbon account will have access to eSignatures. Your subscription will include an allowance of eSignatures that can be used immediately. More can be added as you require them.
Is Karbon’s eSignature secure?
Yes. Security is a key consideration at every stage of Karbon product development. The eSignature feature meets industry standards for enterprise security and compliance. Learn more about Karbon security.
How do clients sign documents with Karbon?
Your clients will receive an email with a secure magic link to sign documents from any device, making the process quick and easy for them. Your client will also see any outstanding or complete requests from within their Client Portal.
What kinds of documents can I send for Approval or eSignature?
You can send any file type for client approval such as PDFs, work documents, spreadsheets, images or even a video. For eSignatures, you can send PDF and Word Documents.
Does Karbon eSignature offer Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA)?
KBA is not offered at launch of eSignature but it is in development.

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