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March 1, 2021

Today's Karbon update includes enhancements to time entries and your user profile.

Time entry enhancements

  • When you view your suggested time entries, you can also view what activity/ies you carried out to trigger that suggestion.

  • Your weekly time entry export now includes a sheet with data for all colleagues

Complete your profile by adding your function

A new user profile field asks you to choose the function that best describes your role in your firm. This information will be visible to team members when they select your name from the Colleagues list. Another way to share useful information amongst your team.

A red dot appears next to your name in the main menu reminding you to provide this detail. This red dot will disappear when you choose your function.

A change to Client Task comment emails

The email your clients receive when a comment has been added to their Client Task has had a small update. Rather than showing the full comment, the email now includes a link to View Comments. When clicked, they will be taken to the full Client Task view. This change ensures that the email can be viewed across all systems and email apps.

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