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March 22, 2021

A handlful of enhancements are included in the latest Karbon update.

Verify that your colleague's email is connected

You can now check if your email account, or a colleague's email account, has been disconnected from Karbon. This can happen if they haven't logged in to Karbon for some time, and it can stop Client Task emails from auto-sending.

To check if your or your colleague's email has been disconnected, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Colleagues, and view the 'Email' column.

Learn more, and follow the steps to reconnect your email.

Other updates

  • TSheets is now known as Quickbooks Time. References in Karbon to TSheets have been changed to QuickBooks Time, but there has been no change to the integration functionality.

  • For UK customers, the Companies House integration is now managed from Settings > Connected Apps. This gives you one place to sync and download data.

  • New versions (3.9) of Karbon's mobile apps (iPhone iOS and Android) have been released.

Rollout of new Global Search

New Global Search is ready to be released to all Karbon customers after its beta testing phase. This new functionality will be released progressively to all customers over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates.

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