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February 8, 2021

This week's Karbon Update includes some usability enhancements based on customer feedback. You will also find an update on improved Global Search, which is currently being beta tested.

Static header for work items and contacts

Scrolling in a work item or contact will no longer hide the information header. This ensures that the most important details are always there when you need them, and you no longer need to scroll back to the top to switch to a new tab.

Edit the work team on a template

You can now edit work team members from a template. Previously, you were only able to make changes to this information from a work item.

An update on improved Global Search

The beta version of the new Global Search is progressing well and on track for full release very soon. The search functionality is being completely redesigned and rebuilt.

Updates will include enhancements such as recent contacts and work items being displayed.

And new functionality such as filters will help you find what you need quickly—across work, contacts, email, and internal discussions

To be included in additional beta rollouts of Global Search, register your interest here. Alternatively, stay tuned for further updates on the full release.

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