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January 17, 2021

Our first Karbon update of 2021 provides an option to recall an email you have just sent, and new fields in Accounting Details for Indian customers.

Undo send email

Whether you notice a typo, send to the wrong address, forget to add that attachment, or immediately regret what you wrote once you click Send, you now have the option to undo your sent email.

After you click Send on any email, an Undo option will appear in the bottom left of Karbon. You'll have a five-second window to recall the email. After that time, it will be sent permanently.

Contact accounting details for Indian customers

If your account country is set to India, the default Accounting Details have been updated for your contacts. These now contain additional fields commonly needed to track for Indian contacts.

Improved Search (beta)

This week we are also rolling out the beta version to some customers of improved Karbon Search, which is tracking well for a full release to all customers soon. To be included in additional early rollouts, register your interest here.

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