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29 March 2016

Today we are announcing our biggest release yet: To-do.

This is a new section in Karbon that brings together everything you’ve been assigned or need to work on, allowing you to manage your time effectively, as well as giving visibility to your team on what you’re working on.

Changes within Karbon you’ll see include:

A new section: To-do

Here you can see your to-do items broken up into this week, next week or later, as well as completed last week and completed. You can look at your own to-do list or that of your colleague. You can also drag and drop items to re-order your list, update the status of items, mark them as complete, as well as drag to-do items into other periods if you to work on them at another time.

To-do items

Your To-do will include all items assigned to you. A to-do item can be any note, email, checklist item or Work that has been assigned to you by a colleague or yourself. Learn more.

To-do periods

All items have an optional due date and a to-do period. For Work, the to-do period is based on the start date, but for everything else it’s set based on the item due date. If you wish to action your to-do item at another time, you can drag it to another period without affecting the due date. 

Ability to assign notes

Now if you’re having a note discussion with someone and an action is required, you can assign the note to yourself or to your colleague. Alternatively you can add your own to-do note from your list or the global add menu. 

Assign to me
You can now assign notes and emails to yourself and add them to your To-do. 

Assignment panels

Once an email, note or checklist item is assigned, an assignment panel is added to the top of it. If you click on it, you’ll see a snapshot of the assignment, to-do period and status.

See what everyone is working on

With the ability to toggle between your To-do and your team’s, you now have full visibility of what everyone in your practice is truly working on, from the big jobs like Work to the nitty-gritty details as an email they need to reply.


During the next couple of weeks, we will be running a number of dedicated training sessions on To-do. Please register below:

US friendly sessions

  • Wednesday 30 March at 2pm PDT

  • Wednesday 30 March at 8pm PDT

  • Wednesday 6 April at 2pm PDT

ANZ friendly sessions

  • Thursday 31 March at 8am AEDT

  • Thursday 31 March at 2pm AEDT

  • Monday 4 April at 2pm AEST

Europe/UK friendly session

  • Thursday 31 March at 10am BST/GMT

Sessions have now closed.

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