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20 March 2016

Based on your feedback, today we’ve released the following updates to Karbon:

Email formatting
When replying to or composing a new email you will be able to use bold, italic, number and bulleted lists, or colours to format the text.

Right click to open Work or Contacts into a new tab
We’re adding the ability for you to right click to open any Contact or piece of Work in a new tab.

Overdue dates in Work
When looking at overdue work on your work lists, you’ll be able to see how many days overdue it is, not just the word overdue. 

A first step towards draft emails
There has been feedback on lost emails when composing a new one from the global add menu (+), so after this release the only way to close a new email window will be to click "Discard" (instead of it disappearing if you click out of the window). This is a short term solution as we start to work on Draft emails in April. Once we release draft emails you’ll be able to save drafts from wherever you’re replying to or composing new emails.

Searching for email recipients
We’ve updated the email recipient search so it will be faster and you'll be able to see lines over the text you are searching for.

Title on repeating work
When creating repeat work, we’ve updated the Work title so you will have the option to include “current period”, “previous period” or “no period". 

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