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25 April 2016

Today we released the following updates to Karbon.

Adding emails to completed work
When adding an email to work, you can now search over work of every status, allowing you to attach emails to completed work.

Ability to change work start date
At any point in time you can adjust the work start date. This is handy if you’re working on something that you started a couple days before you added the piece of work to Karbon.

Display images with the body content of your email 
You can now paste an image (such as a screenshot) in the body of an email. To do this, copy the image to your computer’s clipboard and then paste the image into your email. ​​

Here is a list of small improvements we’ve made:

  • We’ve added additional file types that can be uploaded into Karbon.

  • We fixed a bug where links weren’t displaying in emails.

  • We’ve updated the reply to email function, so the focus is always on the email content box when you hit reply (and no longer in the To field.)

  • We’ve updated Notes so that if you assign one to yourself you don’t get an assignment note. 

  • We’ve updated the Documents section on Work to ensure small images (used in email signatures) are not displayed there.

  • We’ve updated the default font for Karbon emails in Outlook to be Arial

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