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27 June 2016

Today we’ve released the following updates to Karbon:

Draft Emails
Now, when replying to or composing new emails, drafts are saved as you type.

You can find your drafts saved in a new area called Drafts. 

Work descriptions
You can now add line breaks by hitting enter, which allows you to easily add longer descriptions.

Assigning an email to a colleague
When assigning an email, you can now include the due date, to-do period & assignment note in one quick step.

Global search
Search has had some visual updates in anticipation of the ability to search for emails, which is just around the corner.

There is also a new shortcut to open the Global search, simply click:

  • Shift + Control + S (for PC) 

  • Shift + Command+ S (for Mac)

Get started with Karbon today.