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11 July 2016

Today we have released the following updates to Karbon:

Today To-do period
Easily manage what needs to be done today by using the new “Today” To-do period. More on To-do periods here.

Real time updates to your checklists
Now when you are working on a checklist with your colleagues, you’ll instantly see their updates as they happen.

Quicker way to edit your To-do status and due date
From your To-do list you can save time by editing the item’s status and due date from the list view.

Links in your Work descriptions
You can now add clickable links to a piece of work’s description.

Email signatures updated
We have moved the location your email signature is shown. Instead of showing at the bottom of the email thread, your signature will now appear underneath your most recent email.

Searching for emails is almost here!
Soon you’ll have the ability to search for all your emails, including sent items. This will be rolled out throughout July as we introduce this one practice at a time.

With the introduction of emails in the Global Search, you’ll also see:

Search filters
You can filter your Global Search results by All, Contacts, Work or Email.

Printing emails
You’ll be able to print emails, simply by searching for the email, opening it, clicking on the email’s options menu (...), and selecting print.

Get started with Karbon today.