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Customer Story

How DigitPro rescues 8 hours per week with accounting automation

Based out of Melbourne in Australia, DigitPro is a group of tech-focused accounting professionals dedicated to providing seamless services to their clients.

Led by Managing Director, Mike Yarrow, the team is passionate about using technology to find the right solutions and solve their clients’ needs.

"We are a very tech-centric accounting firm. We have a fairly young team who loves new and different cloud accounting software," explains Mike.

In fact, it’s their love of tech that helps them handle their increasing and unique workload.

Providing clients with safety and confidence

DigitPro serves their clients through a personalized approach that is tailored to suit every client uniquely.

"The job of a classic tax accounting firm is to push the data into a tax form and create a tax return. But there is no real added value. It's just compliance work. That's definitely not where we are focused,” explains Mike. 

We make sure that our service is unique to that specific business. Every business is unique. You have to cater to a specific client. That’s our value.

Mike Yarrow, DigitPro

Part of this tailored approach involves educating clients through management accounting.

"It's hard to find other firms that can help in that capacity, and I think this is what differentiates us," says Mike.

DigitPro aims to provide their clients with a worry-free financial life. Ultimately, they want to make their clients feel confident and safe: "We want clients to feel like we’re giving them a nice hug.”

Building a tech stack to make it all happen

Mike started DigitPro from scratch. Initially, he worked with conventional accounting tools and software, but he began to outgrow them as his team grew.

"In the beginning, it was just me. But when I started getting staff on board, I realized we had no file structure, nothing. I realized I couldn't do it the way I was always doing it. It just wasn’t viable."

As the team grew, DigitPro started leveraging technology to stay on top of the game. They were quick in adapting a new tech, and it became a core strength of their business. 

Where some firms use technology only where necessary, DigitPro uses technology as much as possible. And just as quickly as they adopt new solutions, they will move on to others if their current tools no longer address their needs.

"If there is a new tool that is better than the other, we are very quick to change up and move with it," Mike explains.

Automating wherever possible

Any modern accounting firm must automate repetitive work to save time and resources. And DigitPro did just that by implementing Karbon as a solution for their recurring tasks.

"The tech that we use allows us to automate all the manual tasks and focus on growing our business,” says Mike.

And with Karbon, DigitPro saves at least 8 hours a week across the whole firm. It enables the team to focus their efforts on providing value to clients with more detail-oriented work. 

With Karbon, we are able to cut through the crap and summarize data to create a custom framework for management.

Mike Yarrow, DigitPro

The DigitPro team prides themselves on staying ahead of their competition by working smarter, not harder. For them, that means leveraging automation.

"Some people do management work, and we do the same. But we are able to summarize it better, get it done quicker, and use technology to our advantage."

What the future holds for DigitPro

Mike and his team aren’t necessarily looking to grow the firm by increasing headcount, but rather the quality of their clients.

"The growth plan is not always to get a higher volume of clients, but to get better quality clients,” Mike explains. “I need to focus on what business is strongest at, and it's consulting. And we plan to use technology to make that easier."

It's not about growing into this giant thing you cannot service. It's about getting better clients and providing better value to those clients.

Mike Yarrow, DigitPro

Key results

  • 8 hours saved per week firm-wide

  • Increased efficiency and automation with recurring work

  • Full visibility across internal and external communication