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Customer Case Study

How Jannar Dang & Associates are improving all aspects of their workflow

Jannar Dang & Associates are passionate about providing high quality service and building strong, long-term relationships with their clients. They aim to inspire their clients to reach their full potential by offering services that help their clients achieve their goals.

The team at Jannar Dang & Associates understand the need to feel confident that they are across all client communication, tasks and projects. That's why they benefit from Triage in Karbon.

I couldn’t live without Triage—the way it helps me manage my emails and tasks is invaluable.

Dan Dang, Jannar Dang & Associates

The flow-on effect from Triage results in increased visibility across communication, tasks, work and clients, which enables Dan and his team to plan their workloads and avoid bottlenecks in their workflows.

Key Results

2 hours and 15 minutes saved each day

1 hour saved chasing clients each day

20% productivity increase