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Annual Service Plan

Be guided by your dedicated account manager to gain maximum value from Karbon through quarterly business reviews, first access to features, data updates and reporting.


Guarantee Ongoing Value from Karbon

The Annual Service Plan is designed for firms intent on operating at their most effective. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will partner with you to ensure you're using Karbon to its fullest, your data is up-to-date and actionable, all features are being utilized, and Karbon is optimized to meet your top business objectives.

Your plan includes

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Quarterly Business Reviews to share product developments and review your goals
  • Additional consultations with Karbon experts
  • Unlimited workflow template reviews
  • Guided data hygiene reviews to aid reporting and collaboration
  • Assistance creating work in bulk when you're facing a tight deadline
  • Assistance with workflow updates due to change management and team re-organization
  • Priority access to technical support staff
  • One bespoke report (Time & Billing, Capacity Planning, or Profitability Analysis)
  • Priority access to Karbon beta features

The Annual Service Plan is subject to the Karbon Terms of Use, non-refundable and will auto-renew annually on the subscription date.

Learn from our Team of Expert Advisors


Business Reviews

“A business review will ensure every aspect of Karbon aligns with your objectives.”

Peter Grillet


Data Management

“A foundation of clean, well-organized data sets your firm up for success.”

Suzanne Puckett



“Real-time insights will help make sure nothing falls through the cracks.”

Ernesto Beltran


Workflow Optimization

“Discovering new ways to increase efficiency can impact every aspect of your business.”

Lexie Szram



“Efficiency is the lifeblood of an accounting firm and helps you run your firm like a well-oiled machine.”

Omer Khan


Long-term Success

“We are here to partner with you and help you acheive your firm's goals.”

Patti Zimmerman

“The opportunity to customize for our business, ask questions, and seek clarification was a key factor in our team embracing and confidently using Karbon. Karbon is now an important tool within our business.”

Fiona Crawford, We Are Lumen

Need a Different Solution?

Group Onboarding

Free online training with a Karbon Expert. Learn how to get started, create your first workflow template, and have your questions answered.

Assisted Onboarding

Assisted Onboarding

Our most accessible option designed for smaller firms. Transition to Karbon with contact import, workflow optimization, and guided next steps.

Full-Service Onboarding

Our most popular option. Transition to Karbon with contact import, robust workflow optimization, bulk project creation, and firm-specific team training.

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