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September 17, 2018

You will find a handful of changes and additions to Karbon today that have been introduced in advance of some exciting new dependant task Automators, which are just around the corner (watch this space!)

New Practice Setting: Automators

You'll notice a new page within Practice Settings: Automators. This page is the new home for everything that you can set up so that things just work on their own—such as your Workflow Status Settings, which previously lived on your Workflow Status page.

We have also introduced a new Automator, which allows you to choose whether a work item will have its status update automatically to In Progress when the first task item is completed.

Something else new—for all of you who want to know exactly what is happening and why—when any of these Automators trigger, you'll see an event on the relevant work timeline.

New primary work status: Ready To Start

You use primary workflow statuses that you use to mark your work items and other items as, and also create custom workflow statuses under. These primary statuses have been Planned, In progress, Waiting and Complete, but today, we've added a fifth: Ready To Start.

You can use this status to mark when something is ready to work on, so it can be actioned. This can be used everywhere in Karbon- work, tasks, emails, notes.

Choose what sub-status are used on tasks

If your team has created lots of custom statuses, it might get overwhelming choosing from these for your tasks—your list might be too long, or you may have statuses that are really only relevant to work items.

This is why we are now giving you the option to choose which of these sub-statuses can be used for your tasks. You can adjust this from a new page within Practice Settings.

Record a salutation for Contacts

In the basic details of a Contact, you can now record a salutation for each of your clients.

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