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August 27, 2018

To-do filters

Your To-do section brings together everything in Karbon that is your responsibility. But between work items, emails, tasks and notes, it can sometimes be difficult to cut through everything and determine exactly what needs your attention.

This is why we have introduced filters to your To-do list. You can now turn off certain types of items, ensuring that what you view is a true representation of what you need to work on. At the top of your list, you can choose to only view certain types of to-do items (work, email, notes, tasks), and/or items in chosen status/es.

When you add filters, you'll notice that the numbers in your period tiles now indicate the number of items showing.

You'll see a separate figure indicating the number of items in total.

Attaching files to notes

By popular demand, we've added the ability to attach files to your internal notes. It's as simple as attaching a document to an email, and is a really easy way to share files with your team or add them to a contact or work timeline.

Changes to how a note is added to a contact or work

We've made it easier to add an existing note to the timeline of a contact or work item. Just like you can with an email, you can now change a note's work item, add it to another contact, or remove it from a timeline altogether, all from the note's information panel.

Privacy updates: mentioning colleagues who aren't part of a private client or work item

Now, if you mention a colleague in a comment that is related to a private contact or one of their work items, you will be required to add that colleague to the related client team or work team (if they aren't already part of it). A message will appear before you post the comment, just to let you know that this is happening.

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