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Nov 6, 2023

After successful beta programs, contact merging and Client Team custom fields are available to all customers. This release also adds the ability to delete manual payments, void sent invoices, and accept card payments from UK clients.

Merge contacts

After a successful beta release, the ability to merge contacts is now being rolled out to all customers over the coming weeks.

When available in your account, you will be able to identify duplicate contacts and combine their contact details, work, and timelines into one record. This is a crucial step in maintaining a clean and organized client database.

To merge contacts with similar names and email addresses, navigate to any contact, click the three dots icon, and choose ‘Merge Duplicates’. From there, follow the steps to complete the merging process. To maintain the security of your sensitive data, private contacts cannot be merged. For step-by-step instructions, read the guide.

Client Team custom fields

A Client Team allows you to outline which colleagues work with specific clients. By default, a Client Team includes a Client Owner and a Client Manager. After a successful beta release, all customers can now create additional custom fields for specific positions, such as Partner, Tax Manager, Director, or Financial Controller. 

If you are an Admin, choose your default fields in Settings > Contact Settings > Client Team. Then, go to Contact > Details > Client Team to assign the Client Team for that specific contact.

Once this is done, you can easily filter work items on the Work List and Kanban view to allow you to focus on work items that are directly relevant to each position. To learn more, read the step-by-step guide.

Billing & payments beta program enhancements

Delete manual payments

If a mistake is made when recording a payment from a client, or their check is returned with insufficient funds, these manual payments can now be deleted from the payments report. Only colleagues with Billing Access permission will be able to make this manual change.

Void sent invoices

Invoices awaiting payment can now be voided. Voiding an invoice will cancel it and return any work, time, and expenses to Unbilled.

You can only void an invoice if it has not been paid. If you’d like to void an invoice with a payment recorded, that payment must first be deleted.

United Kingdom card payments

Card payments are now available in the United Kingdom as part of the Billing & Payments beta program. United Kingdom clients can pay using their credit or debit card for invoices sent through Karbon.

KPI field: Primary Address Contact

A field for Primary Address Contact has been added to Karbon Practice Intelligence. The new field will be available in the Dimn_Client table and will store the address of the primary contact card for a contact.

To see all of the fields available through KPI, please see this support article.

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