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Nov 26, 2023

Add a Slack conversation to a Karbon timeline and assign it as a task to colleagues with the Karbon-Slack integration. This release also includes enhancements to the Companies House integration and more.

Slack integration

Slack can be great for quick, fleeting conversations. But these often turn into conversations that should be organized in a more permanent location with greater accountability. Karbon’s integration with Slack solves this.

You can now take any post from Slack and add it as a note on a Karbon timeline. You also have the option to assign the note to a colleague and add a due date. 

Learn more and bridge the gap between your instant chat tool, and your team collaboration and workflow.

Companies House integration enhancements

The Companies House integration, which allows United Kingdom customers to connect their organisation contacts, has been given several improvements that will save time and keep client records accurate:

  • Add Organisations in Karbon from Companies House by searching for the Company Number or Company Name. Company details will be automatically brought into Karbon from the Companies House record. 

  • Existing Organisation Contacts can be linked to their corresponding Companies House record. 

  • Companies House details can be surfaced in Karbon on the Details tab of an organisation contact, making it easier to find and review information about a client.

Default resource planning week change

When you’re scheduling a work item to repeat, the Resource Planning option lets you choose when future work items will appear in My Week for the assignee and anyone else on the work team. This option now defaults to the ‘Week of start date’ so that no manual planning is required. If you’d prefer not to have a planned week set, you can still choose this as an option.

New Zealand card payments

Card payments are now available in New Zealand as part of the Billing & Payments beta program. New Zealand clients can pay using their credit or debit card for invoices sent through Karbon.

Previous releases

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