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May 18, 2022

Document management in Karbon

Connect your Document Management System (DMS) to Karbon and manage client work files from a single source of truth. Today, we’re kicking off with Dropbox (OneDrive and more coming soon).

The Karbon interface. It's a work item called 'Client Onboarding' and the 'Documents' tab is selected. In this tab, a list of Dropbox files are displayed to demonstrate the Karbon integration with Dropbox.

With document management in Karbon, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate with your DMS

  • Automate file organization and backups

  • Save your files where you need them

  • Collaborate on files

Learn more about document management in Karbon.

Introductory webinars

Register for an introductory webinar specifically for Karbon customers. 

We’ll use Dropbox as an example and demonstrate how to:

  • Connect your own DMS

  • Automate your file organization and backups straight from Karbon

  • Copy work data from Karbon, including email, notes, and client tasks, to keep everything in sync with your DMS

Session 1: Tuesday May 24, 8.30am PDT | Tuesday May 24, 4.30pm GMT

Session 2: Thursday May 26, 4.30pm PDT | Friday May 27, 9.30am AEST

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