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April 16, 2024

Drive more collaboration, efficiency, and client satisfaction by managing shared emails in Karbon. This release also adds email reminders, Companies House integration enhancements and more.

Collaborate on shared emails with Shared Triage

Starting today, you can manage and collaborate with colleagues on shared email inboxes with Shared Triage in Karbon.

An image that shows the different shared inboxes in Karbon

With your personal and shared inboxes side-by-side, your email workflow will be even more efficient and your team will gain greater visibility to deliver exceptional client service. 

To see Shared Triage in action, register for a live demo webinar or take a video tour below.

Set up a Shared Triage

To set up a Shared Triage, go to Settings > Shared Triage > Add Shared Triage and give it a name.

Once a Shared Triage is created, you can connect any desired primary email inboxes to it and invite as many colleagues as needed to collaborate.

This image shows the setting configurations of Karbon's Shared Triage feature

There’s no limit to how many Shared Triages you create or the number of colleagues you want to invite to each Shared Triage. You will only be charged $10/£7 per month for each primary email account connected.

Collaborate in Shared Triage

Working with your team in Shared Triage is easy and intuitive. If you have access to a Shared Triage, it will appear in your Triage menu.

This image shows a screenshot of the Karbon software interface displaying shared inboxes in a triage view.

Once you’re in the Shared Triage, you can action emails in several ways:

  • Reply or forward emails as yourself or as the shared email identity

  • Add comments and @mention any colleagues

  • Assign emails to colleagues

  • Add emails to client or work timelines

  • Apply custom email signatures

  • Leverage Karbon AI to compose and summarize emails

To learn more about how to use Shared Triage to collaborate with your colleagues on shared emails, visit the support center.

Set reminders on emails to follow up later

Email reminders are a great way to keep your Triage organized without missing a follow-up.

To add a reminder, click on the bell icon next to your email subject line and set your desired date and time. Once a reminder is set, the email will move into Later. 

If another activity, like a new reply to the original email or the preset reminder date/time arrives, the email will return to your Triage for follow-up. Reminders can also be easily adjusted or removed.

Summarize client timeline conversations with Karbon AI

Use Karbon AI to instantly get up-to-speed on your team’s latest interactions and activity with a client.

The latest Karbon AI functionality lets you generate a summary of the last 10 emails and notes on the timeline of your People and Organization contacts. This feature is currently in beta. You can request access to the beta program here.

Karbon AI summarizing the most recent conversations on client timelines.

This AI summarization capability enables client managers to access key client insights faster and have meaningful client meetings without spending hours sifting through emails and internal conversations.

Access Karbon Practice Intelligence in app

All Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) dashboards are now directly accessible in the Karbon app.

This update strengthens KPI’s usability and functionality in several ways:

  • A plug-and-play experience that’s quick and easy to set up

  • Instant access to dashboards pre-populated with your firm’s real-time data

  • No requirement of a Power BI license or familiarity with Power BI

A moving image that showcases Karbon Practice Intelligence dashbaords

If you’re interested in exploring how the new KPI experience can bring value to your firm, join a live webinar here to see it in action.

Previous releases

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