GoProposal & Karbon️

Begin every client relationship painlessly by creating and sending proposals—and getting the work underway—right in your very first meeting.

Seamless workflow, from your first meeting to job completion.

With GoProposal and Karbon together you can have your team working on a new project before you’ve even left the client meeting.

Simply create a proposal for the project in GoProposal, share it with your client for approval and the instant they accept it the agreed work is automatically created in Karbon ready for your team to roll up their sleeves and get on with the work itself.

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Go Proposal allows you to create instant proposals, generate automatic engagement letters and is flexible enough to accomodate pricing as complex or as simple as you need it.

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Karbon is a workstream collaboration platform built to increase visibility, efficiency and communication across teams, departments and locations.

Deeply integrated with your email, Karbon increases your team’s output by combining external and internal communication with powerful workflow, systemized processes and automation in a single cloud-native platform.

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“If you want to grow your accountancy firm, step one is to get your profitability nailed with GoProposal and then to build scalability into your firm by fine-tuning your workflows with Karbon.”

James Ashford,
Founder & CEO, GoProposal