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Customer Case Study

System Six eradicated chaos with Karbon

System Six are an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting service for small businesses, non-profits, and family offices with a focus on technology and long-term relationships.

System Six value the ability to share client information and communication across their team, and a solid tech stack is critical to the success of that function. When staff members are able to harness the right tools to collaborate on client work in an efficient way, they're more easily able to focus on providing those clients with real value.

Managing my work before Karbon was chaotic. I can’t imagine having to manually create all our work and tasks each month. And luckily I don’t have to with Karbon. I just can’t live without the recurring work items functionality.

Paula Tisdell, System Six

Karbon's recurring work feature, and the ability to create work templates—or download and customize pre-created templates from the Karbon Template Marketplace—means that Paula and the rest of the team at System Six can get back to what they love: building strong, long-term client relationships.

Karbon completely changed how I handle my work—for the better!

Paula Tisdell, System Six

Key Results

2 hours and 30 minutes saved each day

50% productivity increase

1 hour saved managing and completing work each day