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Customer Case Study

How Karbon unifies the work experience for Basis 365 Accounting

Basis 365 Accounting offer a mobile-friendly, streamlined, paperless accounting experience designed for the modern, savvy business owner.

If accounting firms aren't using a dedicated workflow management tool designed for the accounting industry, they will consistently need to switch between other tools and their inbox.

Before Karbon, we hopped around multiple tools, and there wasn't a flow to our work. We jumped around from tool to tool just to get the work done.

Mike Doan, Basis 365 Accounting

But with Karbon, Basis 365 Accounting have been able to solve that very pain point.

With Karbon, customer communication, team communication, and workflow are all in one place. We don't waste time jumping from tool to tool.

Mike Doan, Basis 365 Accounting

Triage plays a significant role in how firms manage their email, notifications, work, notes, communication and tasks. It consolidates many of the items that accountants would generally see across several different apps and browsers.

Triage unifies our communication around customer emails and provides transparency to firm-wide communication.

Mike Doan, Basis 365 Accounting

Key Results

2 hours and 45 minutes saved each day

35% productivity increase

1 hour and 15 minutes saved managing and completing work each day