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Customer Case Study

Multipl are staying in-the-know across all work, tasks and clients

Multipl provides the financial and executive decision making framework to help each entrepreneur achieve their goals.

Working closely with entrepreneurs requires a certain sense of deep expertise, agility, and the ability to cultivate and keep meaningful client relationships. And a significant factor in being able to do so relies on clear communication.

The team at Multipl use Karbon to track internal and external client communication to ensure they are always up-to-date with projects, tasks and clients.

Without Karbon, our ability to communicate internally would stuffer and vital items would slip through the cracks.

Dia Mercer, Multipl

Understanding the repetitive nature of some types of work means that Multipl benefit from Karbon's template functionality, as well as the historical audit trails from previous work.

We benefit from the ability to use recurring and templated work items, and being able to review our historical communication is useful.

Dia Mercer, Multipl

Key Results

2 hours saved each day

20% productivity increase

45 minutes saved managing and completing work each day