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Customer Case Study

Complete visibility and control for nelex

The nelex team are experienced accountants offering a tailored and supportive approach to their clients’ financial services. They focus on accounting, business and strategy, and cater to family-owned and local businesses.

The ability to set due dates for tasks within work items in Karbon is a critical element in keeping their projects on track and their clients satisfied. Plus, the visibility across these tasks and work items is what ensures nothing is missed or forgotten.

Before Karbon, managing the practice was painful and disorganised, and I was always worried I had missed something. Now, I have the visibility I need across all my work and I never miss key dates.

Natalie Owens, nelex

Karbon provides the nelex team the reassurance that all client work is on track, and that they have all the information they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Key Results

50% productivity increase

1 hour saved chasing clients each day

1 hour saved managing and completing work each day