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Customer Case Study

How Pentins Business Advisers have supercharged their efficiency

Pentins Business Advisers offer compliance and advisory services to help their clients manage the business day-to-day activities, whilst planning for future growth and development. They specialize in providing support to visionary entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and small business owners.

As a result, they need the right technology solutions to keep up with the pace of their clients' needs.

With Karbon, our people are more aware far more quickly about what needs to be done for a client. The transparency Karbon provides enables that.

Brent Morrison, Pentins Business Advisers

Karbon enhances the way the team at Pentins Business Advisers is able to work together, track work and communicate with their clients.

For our team, the main benefit of Karbon is how effectively we can now collaborate and manage workflows.

Brent Morrison, Pentins Business Advisers

Key Results

35% productivity increase

Karbon in one word: "Transcendent"

4 hours saved each day