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Customer Case Study

DH Business Support benefit from cross-department collaboration with Karbon

DH Business Support are committed to providing their clients with simple, helpful and easy data so they can better understand and run their business.

Karbon provides organization across all communication, clients and work that enables the DH Business Support team to operate effectively.

Prior to using Karbon, I was overwhelmed, out of sync with my workload and had difficulty in planning effectively. But now, we have improved capacity planning, better collaboration with colleagues and clients. And we’re better able to see problems before they arise and take preventative steps to ensure service delivery is unaffected.

Ellie Farrell, DH Business Support

By nature, accounting is complex and involves many moving parts—projects that are dependent on various colleague input, levels of completion, client involvement, etc. And at times, things can fall through the cracks.

Before Karbon, it was easy for our team to miss deadlines, especially on repeating jobs. But Karbon has this sorted.

Daniel McGuren, DH Business Support

Key Results

2 hours and 45 minutes saved each day

2 hours saved each day managing and completing work

30% productivity increase