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Customer Case Study

How Essina Business Financial Services have boosted efficiency firm-wide

Essina Business Financial Services is devoted to helping clients who are dedicated to driving and building their business. They strive to streamline business financial systems and provide deep financial direction to their clients.

Process automation plays a large role in their ability to focus on providing value to their clients. So, when work items in Karbon begin with automated client reminders, Sabrina and her team no longer need to worry about the client chase.

Prior to using Karbon, the client chase was frustrating because I constantly needed to remind clients. Karbon’s automatic client tasks kick-start my projects without me needing to think about it. This means that when I am ready to start a job, I have everything I need.

Sabrina Johnson, Essina Business Financial Services

As a result, Sabrina has the freedom to focus on her team and the future of the firm, particularly with a remote workforce in mind.

Karbon helped me to build a structure for a virtual team.

Sabrina Johnson, Essina Business Financial Services

Key Results

2 hours saved each day

30 minutes saved chasing clients each day

30 minutes saved managing and completing work each day