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Customer Case Study

How CENTaccounting saves over 5 hours each day

CENTaccounting adds value to their clients by leveraging their financial skills to help grow small and medium-sized businesses. They offer tax, accounting, compliance and business intelligence services to business owners who are passionate about achieving exponential returns on their efforts.

The ability to collaborate across a distributed team is imperative to the success of CENTaccounting. But before Karbon, the team lacked visibility across all aspects of their daily operations.

Since implementing Karbon, we are easily able to have staff working remotely and still know exactly what is going on with all our clients, work and projects.

Tanya Bothma, CENTaccounting

Without the visibility afforded by Karbon, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the many different locations where information is kept—especially when you don't have, or can't see, the information you really need.

Before Karbon, I felt lost when managing my firm. But now I’m able to know were we are with work and clients at any point in time, which enables me to better-plan our limited resources.

Tanya Bothma, CENTaccounting

Now that there's no need to hunt for information, CENTaccounting are benefitting from over 5 hours of time saved each day.

Key Results

50% productivity increase

2 hours saved managing and completing work each day

1 hour and 30 minutes saved chasing clients each day

1 hour saved managing email each day

5 hours and 30 minutes saved each day