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Customer Case Study

How 118Accounting discovered a whole new world with Karbon

118Accounting’s mission is to support entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. They do this by using people, processes and technology to provide their clients with financial insights to enable them to make better business decisions.

In order to keep up with the entrepreneurs they service, 118 Accounting need an agile tech stack that works for them and their needs—solutions that increase visibility and the ability to manage workflows.

It was like working in the 90s before finding Karbon. But now we can more easily navigate our in-progress work, plan and focus on what needs to be done.

Cuan Van der Linde, 118Accounting

Understanding the full picture of how the firm operates is imperative for growth, and Karbon's Time & Budgets helps the 118Accounting team gain an overview of resource allocation and usage.

Knowing where our time goes by using Time & Budgets in Karbon is key to our growth at the moment.

Mike Powell, 118 Accounting

Key Results

50 minutes saved each day

15% increased productivity

Karbon in one word: "Magic"