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Customer Story

How Bette Hochberger is managing her clients and employees remotely

When Bette launched her firm, she knew that it had to be different. Focused on the needs of the business owner, she built an organization that reflects her values. And that dedication to being a value-driven firm helps her and her team serve their clients in better, more meaningful ways.

Her clients are what matter most to Bette, and as a result, she only selects the tech solutions that will help her deliver on her client promise of honest, respectable and dependable accounting services.

And during times of uncertainty, it's important that Bette and her remote team can continue to deliver uninterrupted results.

Having Karbon makes this entirely possible because it doesn't matter where we are. I can work with everyone remotely and it's really fantastic.

Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA

Before Karbon, Bette struggled to keep track of clients and deadlines via spreadsheets that only complicated her day-to-day. But because of tools like Karbon, Bette can run her firm the way it should be: without wasting time chasing clients and looking for missing data.

I absolutely love Triage. My inbox used to be a dumpster fire. But now that I have implemented Karbon and started using Triage, I'm able to go through my emails quickly and make sure that all my client information is organized to the right client and the right piece of work.

Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA

Instead of managing an out-of-control inbox and a "spreadsheet from hell", Bette has more time to deliver client value, as well as growing her accounting business.

By using Karbon and Intuit ProConnect Tax, I easily save at least two hours a day.

Bette Hochberger CPA, CGMA