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Customer Case Study

Client Tasks are a game-changer for Abundant Beans Tax & Accounting

Because Abundant Beans Tax & Accounting specialize in tax planning, they focus on identifying ways their clients can keep more of what they earn. They aim to solve their clients’ most complex tax puzzles and provide them with the knowledge they need to make smart business decisions.

And Karbon helps them do just that.

I have gained so much more visibility with Karbon. Before, we were disjointed, but now I can track projects at all times.

Jamie O'Kane, Abundant Beans Tax & Accounting

On top of that, Abundant Beans Tax & Accounting are saving time chasing clients with Karbon's Client Tasks. Instead of continuously following up with clients about required information, they are able to focus their efforts on providing value to their clients.

Client Tasks is a game-changer for our team.

Jamie O'Kane, Abundant Beans Tax & Accounting

Key Results

Karbon in one word: "Essential"

2 hours saved each day

45 minutes saved each day chasing clients