Workflow Automation Software for Accounting Firms

Powerful workflow automation software for your accounting firm

Only Karbon provides a truly collaborative platform to manage workflows, communicate with teams and deliver exceptional client work.

Automatic client data-collection and file storage.

Let Karbon do all of the chasing for you by automating client requests and reminders. Clients become part of your workflow, so they know exactly what they need to action, and you know what you are still waiting on.

Attachments are automatically stored and filed against the corresponding jobs the moment a client sends them. You will never lose documents sent via email again.

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Karbon's recurring work scheduler

Template common workflows to standardize your processes.

Standardize your work with Karbon templates, ensuring processes don’t break and quality is maintained as your team evolves and grows.

Customizable statuses, checklists, job roles and work types allow you to document workflows to suit your business, giving your staff the tools to set up detailed work items in seconds.

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Files stored in Karbon

Schedule recurring work creation for your clients.

Don’t waste any more time on low-value admin. Set recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules so that no future client job will be missed, no matter how far ahead it is planned.

With Karbon, everyone knows each task they need to work on today and what they have coming up next.

A list of work templates stored in Karbon

Task Automation Features

Activity Timelines

Audit history of all emails, tasks, notes and activities relating to a job or a client.

Client Tasks

Collaborate with clients and bring them into your workflow with scheduled tasks.


Stop chasing clients for missing information. Karbon sends task reminders for you.

Task Dependencies

Create logical relationships between tasks or activities.

Document Storage

Files and client documents automatically stored and organized.

Work Templates

Standardize your common processes and workflows in customizable templates.


Share client data and trigger workflows automatically when a proposal is accepted.

Low Priority Filter

Focus on your important emails first and save the rest to take care of later.

Work Scheduler

Set recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules.