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Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

Compare Karbon and Financial Cents

Karbon is cloud-native practice management software that unites your accounting firm with a single place to communicate, collaborate, and deliver exceptional client work.

98% Service satisfaction rating
Karbon's Kanban UI

Karbon outperforms Financial Cents

KarbonFinancial Cents
Email integration✓✓
Email comments and @mentions✓❌
Collaborate on tasks with @mentions and comments✓✓
Project management✓✓
Drag-and-drop Kanban board✓❌
Workflow automation✓✓
250+ workflow templates✓❌
Client portal✓✓
CRM and client management✓✓
Calendar integration✓❌
Document management✓✓
Invoicing and payments✓

Via QuickBooks Online

Budget vs. actual reporting✓✓
Customizable business insights dashboards✓❌
GPT-powered AI✓✓

Why accounting firms choose Karbon over Financial Cents

Contextual UI of task automation in Karbon.

A more mature platform

Karbon and Financial Cents are both practice management software for accounting firms, but they’re not created equal when it comes to supporting your firm’s growth and scalability. Launched in 2020, Financial Cents is a no-frills tool with basic functionality and adequate features, which makes it easy to adopt but harder to scale up.

Karbon has more in-depth functionality in all aspects—from integrated communication and collaboration workflows to drag-and-drop Kanban boards and advanced practice insights. Karbon is built to enable 360-degree collaboration and visibility. Firms large and small can get started with either platform, but Karbon is the one you won’t outgrow any time soon.

Composite UI image depicting tag filtering, messaging, and Karbon community members.

Best-in-class customer support

Customers are Karbon’s most valuable assets. That’s why Karbon has built a best-in-class customer team that aims to delight you with a premium experience from onboarding and training, to responsive customer support and ongoing product enhancements.

DIYers can take advantage of Karbon’s free group onboarding sessions that provide the essential knowledge to set you and your team up for success. For larger teams, full implementation services are available to save you time and stress. Firms of all sizes can also access Karbon Academy and Karbon Community to receive on-demand training and learn best practices from their peers.

Explore Karbon's Customer Service

Industry leading product innovations

Few practice management software platforms release new features and feature enhancements as frequently as Karbon. Every 2-4 weeks, Karbon releases updates and enhancements to its platform based on customer feedback, thanks to a powerful engineering team.

Karbon also hosts quarterly product roadmap webinars to keep customers up-to-date on the latest product developments. As one of the first accounting practice management platforms to integrate GPT-powered AI, Karbon is leading the way in innovation and continuous improvement.

See Karbon's latest feature releases

Experience the Karbon effect.

These findings were obtained through Karbon’s 2022 Firm Usage Survey.

On average, Karbon saves every employee 16.5 hours each week.

3.2 hours

Saved chasing clients

3.9 hours

Saved managing and completing work and tasks

3.2 hours

Saved reading, actioning and searching for email

4.1 hours

Saved with more efficient team collaboration

2.1 hours

Saved automating low-value admin tasks

18% growth

In firm-wide productivity

Exceeds expectations

Karbon has solved the 'silo' problem in my business. Complete visibility of communications between team members and customers is now a reality. The Karbon development team and support team are amazing and really care about me and my business.

Keeping the dispersed team connected

Syncing with my Outlook email and calendar helps me prioritize my day. The project management side gives me visibility into my team's work. Karbon's functionality allows our bookkeeping and accounting teams to keep projects on track and ensure future projects don't get missed. I appreciate the insights into what is being worked on, the due dates and the workflow.

Victoria P., Chief Growth Officer, G2

Finally in control of my practice

There are many features I love, but overall, I love being able to see at a glance exactly where we are with client deadlines and what we need to prioritize. Before this, the practice management system I was using required me to download data into Excel, mess about for hours and the next day, it had all changed. I love being able to allocate work directly from my inbox, moving things to My Week to do later — it's great!

Ali R., Director, G2

Karbon has 98% positive reviews on

G2 awards as a list of badges

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Teams using Karbon save 16.5 hours per employee each week, on average.
  • Productivity per employee increases by 18%.
  • 9 out of 10 customers say Karbon beats all competitive products for workflow management.

Karbon has three pricing plans: Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Team Business Enterprise
Annually $59/month, per user $89/month, per user Custom pricing
Monthly $79/month, per user $99/month, per user Custom pricing
*Pricing shown in USD

Financial Cents has one pricing plan at $49 USD/month, per user on a monthly subscription and $39 USD/month, per user on an annual subscription.

Karbon is a premium accounting practice management software and its pricing reflects that.

With deeper functionality, more engineering power, and a mature customer service organization, Karbon provides not only a superior product, but also the confidence that your firm’s needs will be met now and in the future.

Karbon integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, Dropbox, OneDrive, Companies House, Xama, and an ever-growing suite of popular accounting apps including QuickBooks Online, Ignition, GoProposal, and more.

Karbon offers an open API that you can leverage to integrate your apps with Karbon, build custom solutions, and optimise your workflows.

You can also connect Karbon to over 5,000 apps through Zapier.

To learn more about Karbon’s integration capabilities, visit the integrations library here.

Get started with Karbon today.