On average, Karbon saves every employee 13 hours each week.
With Karbon, we can automate the repetitive, low-value tasks. Our clients are ultimately getting better service and better value because we are more focused on the activities that add the most value.
Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP
Productivity per employee increases by 21% with Karbon.
Ultimately, Karbon has freed up time, allows us to be more efficient, and be that trusted advisor to our clients.
Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
For the average firm using Karbon for 2.5+ years, total time saved increased by 28% and productivity increased by 257%.
Karbon helps us plan better, deliver work better, communicate better, see where anything is at, and collaborate to get things done.
Timothy Munro, Change Accountants

That’s not all…

  • Karbon saves each employee 3.2 hours per week reading, actioning and searching for email.
  • Karbon saves each employee 3.1 hours per week managing and completing work and tasks.
  • Karbon saves each employee 4.2 hours per week chasing clients.
  • Karbon saves each employee 2.5 hours per week automating low-value admin tasks, in addition to the time they save managing email and work.
  • These findings were obtained through Karbon’s 2020 Firm Usage Survey. All customers were invited to participate, and responses combined to represent 35% of Karbon’s total customer base.

Discover how Karbon is changing the relationship firms have with their clients, and saving hours at a time.

I’m 100% confident we are going to continue to reap rewards in terms of greater profitability, better clients, being able to provide a better client experience, and better long-term business value.
Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors

How Ipsum Advisors gained the equivalent of an extra staff member

Read their story

How Ipsum Advisors gained the equivalent of an extra staff member

Read their story
Karbon *allows the entire client team to know what is happening* without extra time and extra communication. It has dramatically streamlined that transfer of knowledge.Melissa Stout, mAccounting
Karbon is our rocket booster that's *allowing us to grow at 40% to 50%* year over year.Jeremy Allen, System Six
Karbon is so well-thought-out and robust, but still simple to use. *It would take at least three different systems to replace what Karbon gives us today*, if we could even do it all.Jason Ackerman, BNA
Every accounting firm should be using Karbon. It's *the cornerstone of our business*.David DiNardo, Envolta
I’m *100% confident we are going to continue to reap rewards in terms of greater profitability*, better clients, being able to provide a better client experience, and better long-term business value.Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors
*Karbon helps us plan better, deliver work better, communicate better*, see where anything is at, and collaborate to get things done.Timothy Munro, Change Accountants
I start and end my day in Karbon and *could not live without it* to run my business.Katrina Spinazzola, KRS Consulting Group
Karbon has been *the single greatest difference for us this year*. Without Karbon, we would not have been able to fully take advantage of the growth opportunities we were presented.John Bovard, The Bovard CPA Group
*The more I use Karbon, the better I breathe*. It keeps me organized and focused.Lielette Calleja, All That Counts
*Karbon is the greatest asset that I have in my firm*. Without it I'd be lost—it allows me to manage all the crazy things that we commit to. I want to keep this amazingly priceless tool the rest of my life at the very minimum.Ryan Kagan, Ryan Cagan CPA
*With Karbon, we can see everything*. We can share with everyone how we’re tracking, where we want to be, and what we need to do to meet those goals.Jason Ackerman, BNA
Previously every staff member was doing the same thing a little differently. By developing templates in Karbon *we now have a base for all our work processes*.Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP
Karbon has driven *massive time-savings*, business process improvements, and significantly enhanced our client engagement experience.Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors
Karbon has *greatly improved communication and collaboration* across the entire business.Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
Karbon is really accountant-focused and always looking at the pain points for accounting firms. They are *constantly making product updates and solving real problems that we have*.David DiNardo, Envolta
I have been looking for a product like Karbon for the 7 years. Now I have it! Karbon is *the answer to all our problems*.Darren McMahon, Dardee
*I don't know how I managed my clients and jobs before Karbon*.Karen Bussing, Kazron Bookkeeping
We have always felt that *an engaged workforce lends itself to an exceptional client experience. This has never been more apparent than with Karbon*.Melissa Stout, mAccounting
This may be the *single greatest piece of technology I've ever personally worked with*. It actually works the way we need it to work.Danie Ives, Adjusted Balance Inc.
Karbon allows us to communicate with our clients, with each other, and be able to *hold our entire firm accountable* to our outstanding monthly projects.Adam Slack, Two Roads
Karbon is my new best friend! Job management made easy. *I don't know how I worked without it*.Natalie Lennon, Two Sides Accounting
The *most beautiful accounting firm management software* that I have ever seen.Bernie Ackerman, BNA
Karbon has freed up time, *allows us to be more efficient*, and be that trusted advisor to our clients. We can take a step back, look at our clients’ situations from a high level, and have deeper conversations with them.Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
An *essential product* for accounting workflow management and team efficiency.Chantal Mentzer, Chantal Mentzer Inc.
*Amazing! Nothing less than amazing*. Nothing slips through the cracks with KarbonMariel Diaz, Accounting for Jewelers
*Karbon lets me see what's going on anywhere within my business*. It allows me to sleep well knowing that what we’ve promised as a business, we’re delivering.Timothy Munro, Change Accountants
Karbon has become our *internal hub*.David DiNardo, Envolta
The one system that everyone opens every morning, and *our go-to for all information about clients and work that needs to be done*.Steph Hinds, Growthwise
Karbon has been great for our team—it just makes our work more enjoyable. They're no longer getting bogged down with tedious or annoying work. *I couldn’t imagine life without it*.Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors
Our team is *constantly getting more efficient*. They have the capacity to take on more clients, can spend more time at home, and earn more money per hour.Adam Slack, Two Roads
Karbon makes it really easy to create and improve templates for all our common processes, which has *really improved our efficiency*.Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
Karbon gives me assurance that I am on top of my game and *focusing my time on providing value to the clients*.Catherine Catherine, Armanino
I can go in and see what happened today, what didn't, and fix something if it wasn't done. *Before Karbon this would have taken me half a day, but now I can find this in two minutes*.Timothy Munro, Change Accountants
*The visibility Karbon provides has been such a big win*. Managers get a clear birds-eye view of the work that is done across the business.Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP
We want to make our the lives of our clients and our employees better. *Karbon is helping us achieve both of those goals*.Melissa Stout, mAccounting
*This software is a game-changer*. It is simple-to-use, streamlined and intuitive. Karbon has improved our productivity and visibility, and I'm no longer stuck in my inbox for hours.Sandra Magann, SeaChange Accounting Solutions
Karbon has *made our clients more prompt, and changed our relationship with them*. This has saved us hours and hours of time.Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors
Karbon *helps our team stay up-to-date with everything going on* and work together in a much more efficient way.Megan Burger, The Bottom Line
Now, there is *accountability that we never had before* and I can see for sure how we are tracking in Karbon.Adam Slack, Two Roads
*Imagine if your inbox, favorite to-do list app, and a CRM like Salesforce had a baby*... that's Karbon!Gary Wood, Gary Wood CPA
Apps like Karbon and QuickBooks have been amazing for us. They’re *enabling me to fulfill my perfect app stack*.David DiNardo, Envolta
There is *real peace of mind that comes with streamlining work in Karbon*. We know it’s all there and we don’t need to worry about it until it’s time to do it.Melissa Stout, mAccounting
We now have *much more information at our fingertips*, such as communication between other staff members and clients.Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
Karbon gives us *visibility and accountability that we never had*. We can now see who owns something and what conversations are being had.Catherine Catherine, Armanino
*Karbon gives me peace of mind*. I love that I can schedule Client Tasks so I don’t sit up at night thinking of emails I need to send.Corina Hardaker, Starbyder Bookkeeping Services
*Karbon training and customer onboarding is the best!* They are industry leaders when it comes to this.Lielette Calleja, All That Counts
Karbon gives us the power to look at any email address, any response from a client, any job — basically anything, anywhere — and *instantly see what is going on*.Timothy Munro, Change Accountants
Have you ever wanted one spot to check email, delegate tasks, manage projects and customers? Karbon is it. *Nothing else compares to this robust, all inclusive system*.Mariel Diaz, Accounting for Jewelers
It's completely *streamlined our business, increased profitability and reduced time* wasted looking for things, or duplicating tasks.Diane Oliver, Austi Bookkeeping
*Karbon has been transformative for us*. We had our first tax season using it two years ago, and haven’t looked back.Jason Ackerman, BNA
Workflow management using Kanban just makes it *so easy to see what needs to be today, tomorrow and in the future*.Randall Orser, Number Crunchers Accounting
Karbon has *taken me to another level*. I've been looking for a solution like it for years.Bryce Hoad, Hoad Business Development
Karbon has been instrumental in shifting our practice from working in siloes to *working as a cohesive team*.Lielette Calleja, All That Counts
Karbon has *improved the efficiency of our company* and centralized most of our processes in one place.Brooks Wheatley, System Six
One-stop shop to *see everything that is going on* within the firm.Joe Collins, Avalon Accounting
The fortnightly release sprints are one of our favorite things about Karbon. When we onboarded, the Karbon team promised lots of features and *every one has materialised*.Jonathan Bareham, Raedan
Karbon *allows total transparency across the entire practice*, allowing us to maximize efficiencies and streamline processes. We couldn’t work without it!Natalie Lennon, Two Sides Accounting
With Karbon, we can automate the repetitive, low-value tasks. *Our clients are ultimately getting better service* and better value because we are more focused on the activities that add the most value.Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP
The Karbon team is constantly improving the app and *rolling out significant improvements* on a regular basis.Jeffrey Reimer, Jeffrey D. Reimer CPA
Karbon is so *versatile and fluid*. It gives users the freedom to customize it to suit the way they work.Catherine Catherine, Armanino