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Built to scale

Karbon's advanced system provides performance gains for teams of all sizes. From a small team of five, up to enterprise teams with hundreds of staff working from multiple locations.

Karbon is a cloud-native platform.

Karbon is a cloud-native application—designed specifically to run in the flexible and distributed nature that a modern workplace needs.

It has been built from the ground up for the needs of today, can scale up on demand, and will ensure your team can handle all that the future brings. And it keeps getting better with new features and enhancements released every few weeks—you always get the latest version, automatically.

Technology and Security Designed for modern accounting 2 2x

Best-in-class security and encryption.

Karbon has a security-first approach towards the planning and execution of product development, quality assurance and operational support activities.

All your information is encrypted in transit and stored using enterprise-grade cloud servers, secure data storage and highly scalable databases. With security at the core of Karbon, you will have complete confidence that your data is safe and private at all times.

Technology and Security Security 22 2x

GDPR and data-protection compliant.

Karbon adheres to all major data protection laws and regulations, including GDPR. By providing a single secure source of truth for your client’s data, Karbon provides your business with an effective solution to remain GDPR-compliant.

Automatic online backups keep your data protected, and you control who sees what—no one has access to your data without your consent.

Technology and Security Privacy 2 2x

Annual Billing

A platform fee of $699.00 per month billed annually, with additional pricing per user. Calculate your firm's total cost

First 35 Users From 36 to 50 Users From 51 to 65 Users From 66 Users Onwards
$49.00 per user per month $39.00 per user per month $29.00 per user per month $19.00 per user per month

Monthly Billing

A platform fee of $999.00 per month billed monthly, with additional pricing per user. Calculate your firm's total cost

Your First 35 Users Next 36-50 Users Next 51-65 Users Next 66 Users Onwards
$70.00 per user per month $56.00 per user per month $41.00 per user per month $27.00 per user per month
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Karbon's Underlying Technology Features

Regular Updates

New features and improvements every few weeks so you always get the latest version.


A dedicated iOS app allows you to triage your day when you're on the go.
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Commitment to your business and the protection of your data to ensure GDPR-compliance.

Data Security In Transit

Transport Layer Security encryption on all requests sent between client and server.

Data Security At Rest

Encrypted and stored on our servers in accordance with ISO 27001 requirements.

Data Backups

Weekly backups across multiple databases and file stores.

Security Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of systems, event logs and alerts to identify and manage threats.

Client File Transfer

Secure transfer of client documents and communications within your Karbon account.

Third-Party Integrations

Share data between Karbon and other systems to keep everything up-to-date.
Karbon customer since 2016
“Karbon is the greatest asset that I have in my firm. Without it I'd be lost—it allows me to manage all the crazy things that we commit to. I want to keep this amazingly priceless tool the rest of my life at the very minimum.”
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Ryan Kagan, Ryan Kagan CPA