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Work better together with team collaboration.

Karbon unites your team with a single place to communicate with clients, collaborate with each other and get work done, together.

Break free from inbox overload with shared email timelines.

Email in Karbon is connected to your team and everything that is being worked on, not locked away in individual inboxes.

All communication between staff and clients is consolidated in automatic audit trails, putting an end to your blind spots. Karbon’s ultimate visibility gives you instant answers on anything throughout your business.

Team Collaboration Shared Email Timelines 2x

Ensure every actionable item is accounted for, with collaborative tasklists.

Flexible checklists empower your team to work seamlessly together. Everyone knows what their responsibility is, and can keep track of how things are progressing overall.

Tasks and sub-tasks can be given their own assignee, status and due date—ensuring that everything is prioritized effectively and nothing slips through the cracks.

Team Collaboration Collaborative Task Lists 2x

Discuss work with your team, right where the work gets done.

Revolutionize the way your team collaborates and unite them with a single place to communicate and work together.

No more out-of-context FYIs or meaningless forwarded emails, add comments where they are relevant to carry-out internal discussions. Team communication happens in the same place as work, tasks and planning.

Team Collaboration Internal Comments And Discussion 2x

Team Collaboration Features

Activity Timelines

Shared history of emails, notes, tasks and activity relating to any job or client.

Email Actions

Emails assigned to whoever is best for the job, not stuck in individual inboxes.

Email Comments

Add notes on emails to discuss internally, right where it makes sense.


Discuss clients or jobs with notes for everyone to see, comment on and collaborate.


Notify individuals, specific groups, or your entire team with intelligent user notifications.


View and collaborate on email, clients or work items across your entire team.


Set up and manage teams to work the way you are already structured.


Work tasks and sub-tasks ensure everyone knows their own responsibility.

To-do Lists

A clear view for each staff member of every task they need to complete.
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“Karbon has been the single greatest difference for us this year. Without Karbon, we would not have been able to fully take advantage of the growth opportunities we were presented.”
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