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Workflow Automation for Accounting Firms

Focus on the high-value by automating the low-value

Automate common, time-consuming tasks to allow your team to provide a higher quality service to clients, helping their businesses succeed.

Image of a detailed UI setting automatic reminders for a task.

Automate client data collection and file storage.

Let Karbon do the chasing for you by automating client requests and reminders. Clients become part of your workflow, so they know exactly what they need to action, and you know what you are still waiting on.

Attachments are automatically stored and filed against the corresponding jobs the moment a client sends them. You will never lose documents sent via email again.
Image detailing a template selection interface.

Templatize common processes to standardize recurring work.

Standardize your work with Karbon templates, ensuring processes don’t break and quality is maintained as your team evolves and grows.

Customizable statuses, checklists, job roles and work types allow you to document workflows to suit your business, giving your staff the tools to set up detailed work items in seconds.
Image detailing a task automation interface.

Automate updates to status, due date and assignee as milestones are achieved.

Don’t waste time on low-value admin. Use task-dependent automators to trigger workflow updates, provide an accurate reflection of progress, and keep the team on the same page.

With Karbon, everyone knows what they need to work on today and what’s coming up next.

Workflow Automation Features

Work TemplatesStandardize your common processes and workflows in customizable templates.

Kanban BoardView and optimize all of the jobs going on across your team.

Work SchedulerSet recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules.

AutomatorsCreate logical relationships and dependencies between tasks or activities.

Client PortalCollaborate with clients in one streamlined workflow with tasks and document sharing.More detail

Auto-remindersStop chasing clients for missing information. Karbon sends task reminders for you.

Third-party IntegrationsShare data between Karbon and other systems to keep everything up-to-date.

Email ActionsEmails assigned to whoever is best for the job, not stuck in individual inboxes.

My WeekOrganize your work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan.

InsightsEasy-to-read reports detailing critical output and efficiency metrics.

Time & BudgetsEstimate and track time to understand profitability and allocate resources.

Experience the Karbon effect.

These findings were obtained through Karbon’s 2022 Firm Usage Survey.

On average, Karbon saves every employee 16.5 hours each week.

3.2 hours

Saved chasing clients

3.9 hours

Saved managing and completing work and tasks

3.2 hours

Saved reading, actioning and searching for email

4.1 hours

Saved with more efficient team collaboration

2.1 hours

Saved automating low-value admin tasks

18% growth

In firm-wide productivity

Accounting firms using Karbon stay on top of their client management.

How Oyster Hub added 42% additional revenue during the coronavirus pandemic

How Oyster Hub added 42% additional revenue during the coronavirus pandemic

With Karbon’s powerful automation, Oyster Hub gained the equivalent of two staff members and saved over $100,000 a year.

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How Envolta Cloud Accounting is building their ultimate tech stack

How Envolta Cloud Accounting is building their ultimate tech stack

Karbon’s powerful workflow automation has improved efficiency and cut client onboarding time to less than a month at Envolta.

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Workflow Automation in Karbon Firms

Karbon gives me peace of mind—I love that I can schedule Client Tasks so I don’t stay up at night thinking of emails I need to send clients.
Corina Hardaker
Corina Hardaker
Starbyder Bookkeeping Services
Karbon makes it really easy to create and improve templates for all our common processes, which has really improved our efficiency.
Jeff Jobson
Jeff Jobson
Karbon allows total transparency across the entire practice, allowing us to maximize efficiencies and streamline processes. We couldn’t work without it!
Natalie Lennon
Natalie Lennon
Two Sides Accounting

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