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Karbon Implementation Services Project Scope

The Guided Implementation is a collaborative process typically spanning 6-8 weeks. In order to maximize project success, it is critical that the Karbon Champion (see below) work closely and timely with the Karbon Implementation Team to meet the project goals and objectives listed in this document.

The scope of the Karbon Guided Implementation plan is listed below:

  • Importing of Contact records into Karbon
  • One (1) Implementation Kickoff Call
  • Three (3) Workflow Optimization Meetings
  • One (1) Workflow Review Meeting
  • Bulk Work Creation (see definitions)
  • One (1) Team Training Meeting
  • One (1) Manager Training Meeting
  • Twelve (12) support weeks from the Karbon Implementation team throughout implementation process


  • Work Item - A work item is synonymous with a specific job or project. It contains the list of tasks needed to complete a single project that can either be recurring or standalone. The implementation will not cover migration or customization of work items for specific clients or internal processes.
  • Template or Workflow Template - A preformatted list of tasks that can be used to automate processes or project work such as "monthly accounting" or "payroll" or "tax prep". Specific work items can be created using a template. The implementation will focus on training on the creation, editing and deploying of templates.
  • Work Queue - Work items that are grouped together and waiting to be assigned to an individual team member.
  • Karbon Expert - This is either an employee of Karbon or a contract consultant. Karbon Experts are paid by Karbon. Karbon Experts are used for training the client team in building templates.
  • Bulk Work Creation - The creation of work items in mass using “templates” described above. An example would be creating ten (10) personal tax return work items for ten (10) different clients using the one (1) Karbon template called “Personal Tax Return Template”.
    • Individual Work items are easily configured to the specific client projects/work. The implementation includes building the base template and training on how to customize work items by client. It does not include importing client-specific task lists or custom lists. This process, if desired, would be done by the client post-implementation.
    • Work items will be created in bulk using Karbon’s preformatted import template and client will be responsible for entering information within that template

Karbon “Champion” Designation

The Karbon Champion is a single person in the firm who takes ownership of the implementation, attends all meetings, and completes “next steps” throughout the implementation. Common designations are one of the following: Director of Operations, Accounting Manager, or a Tech-savvy accountant. Special Note: The best practice for firms lacking a Champion described below is to work with a Karbon Certified Implementer.

To meet project plan timelines the Champion should have:

  • Influence with others in the firm
  • Strong understanding of the firm operations, workflows and accounting knowledge
  • Previous experience with software implementations or project management
  • Favorable disposition about moving to Karbon
  • Availability to lead the change (20-30 hours on average)
    • Eight (8) hours of meetings
    • Four (4) to Twelve (12) hours of data migration and work item creation
    • Eight (8) to Twelve (12) hours of required self-paced training and system setup

To meet project plan timelines the Champion will:

  • Schedule all implementation meetings within 48hrs of the kickoff meeting
  • Respond to all questions within 48 hours
  • For any meetings needed to be rescheduled, give at least 48 hours of notice and reschedule within a 5 day timeframe - Last minute cancellations (including no-shows) may result in a $150 fee
  • Complete the Workflow Meetings within a six week timeline (target 4 weeks)
  • Operate as the one point of contact with the Karbon implementation team
  • Completed requests on time (Articles to read, videos to watch, bulk work creation steps)

Best Practices

  • Leverage our comprehensive library of support articles that will enable all team members to expedite learning and self-service
  • Make use of Karbon in-app support chat for questions about the Karbon app
  • Finalize start date and project timelines after a review of Champion’s vacation schedule and availability

Add-ons Not Currently included in Scope:

  • Additional Workflow and/or Training Sessions
  • Time/Budgets and/or Billing Setup/Training
  • API and/or Integration Setup (e.g. Practice Ignition, QB Time, Zapier)
  • Ancillary Feature Setup: Document Management System, Karbon Practice Intelligence, Insights
  • Work Queue Setup and Training

Project Approach and Deliverables







  • Kickoff meeting to review the implementation plan
  • Set project objectives and goals
  • Import contacts

Week 0-1


  • Approve SOW
  • Assign project team (e.g. Karbon Champion)
  • Attend Kick-off meeting
  • Provide client contact records for import
  • Complete Champion and Workflow Overview Training


  • Build project team (e.g. Implementation Specialist, Karbon Expert)
  • Assign training courses (e.g. Champion and Workflow Overview)
  • Import Contacts

Workflow Optimization

  • With the Karbon Expert’s help, build foundational workflow templates

Week 1-4


  • Attend three workflow meetings to learn the template building process
  • Finalize key workflow templates that will be needed to begin using Karbon


  • Lead three (3) Workflow Optimization meetings, optimize three (3) - six (6) templates with client
  • Review finalized workflow templates from client

Work Creation

  • Create work items based on the Work Templates created in prior phase

Week 4-5


  • Provide information to facilitate the bulk creation of client specific work items (projects)


  • Check-in with client to discuss work creation and team training
  • Lead Bulk Work creation process


  • Team Training
  • Manager Training

Week 5-6


  • All staff attends a Team Training to learn the core features
  • Client leadership team members attends a Manager Training to learn best practices with tracking work using Karbon


  • With the Customer Success Manager, review implementation tasks and ensure a successful handoff


  • Post-Implementation

Week 6-12


  • Take the post implementation Survey


  • Check in meeting with Client and Customer Success Manager to identify ongoing training needs (deployed via support articles, Karbon Academy or Group Session)