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September 24, 2017

Work types

At any given time, a firm has different types of ongoing jobs. Particularly during tax season or compliance time when there is a high volume of work with external deadlines, managers want to track and visualize groups of work to effectively manage its flow and ensure work is done in the most efficient way.

Work Types is the first of a series of features that will improve the way you customize your workflow.

Pro-tip (and spoiler alert)

Next release will see work types come to life by allowing you to map them to your workflow statuses (prepare yourself for a supercharged Kanban!)

So we recommend you get started with work types by following these steps:

  1. check the list of default work types in your account. You can  edit and delete them as you see fit.

  2. update your template types and roll them to work created off said templates—this should cover most of your work load.

  3. update all recurring work types and roll them to already scheduled work—this should cover the other half of your work load.

  4. finally review ad hoc projects and update these one by one.

For now though, you will be able to filter your Kanban board by work type.

New to-do filters

You can now filter and sort by to-do status and to-do date.

By to-do date

Filtering tasks by to-do date will impact This Week and Next Week, since you will be able to see the number of to-do items per day.

By status

Depending on how you have set up your to-do statuses, you will be able to see tasks that are ready to start without your colleague having to call or email you (because no one wants internal email!) versus tasks that are planned or in progress.

#worksmarter improvements
New Triage notifications (a favorite!)

We have replaced the pop-up toast notification on the bottom left side of your screen with a more discreet, less disruptive red dot on the top right of your screen indicating there are new items in your triage.

What if you are in Triage? When you receive a new email, you will now see a notification that will prompt you to load the new messages.

Email signature display

Another heavily requested feature, you will now see and be able to edit your signature in every outgoing email you compose (from scratch or as a reply.)

Email compose performance

We’ve dedicated an enormous amount of time to under-the-hood improvements to composing emails to ensure you create, draft and send emails as fast as possible.

Recently viewed

We've found that most Karbon users only work on a few pieces of work on any given day. So we have added a “Recently viewed” list to the main menu allowing you to jump easily between work with less clicks.

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