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October 6, 2019

Add some extra layers of security to your information with the changes released in this Karbon Update, including a new restricted user permission and inactivity auto-timeout.

Restricted user permission

To give you greater control over which staff members have access to what, we've added a new user permission setting: Restricted.

As the name suggests, a restricted user has very limited access to information within Karbon. Here's a quick summary of what they can see and do.

  • Access their own To-do list

  • Access Contacts they are on the client team for

  • Access Work they are on the work team for

  • Global Search only shows their own emails, emails on timelines they have access to, and work and contacts they have access to

  • No access to Settings or Insights

  • Can only create Work for clients they have access to

  • Can create Contacts (they are put on the Client Team and get access)

As you can see, the restricted user permission is ideal for temporary contracted staff members, or outsourced teams.

Other changes to user permissions

Available user permissions now include:

  • Admin:

     Includes access to Settings and data exports

  • Standard:

     No access to Settings or data exports

  • Restricted:

     Very limited access

When you invite a new team member, the Standard user permission will be selected by default. You can change this before you invite them, or at a later date from Settings (Admin users only).

Inactivity timeout

A new company Setting has been added to log out any users if they are inactive for a specified period of time. This is adjusted from Company Details within Settings.

Because it is a company-wide setting, any changes to this will impact all users within your account. If any team member is inactive for the specified time, they will be logged out automatically.

The inactivity timeout is set to 8 hours by default.

Settings is now white

You'll notice a small aesthetic change, where everything in Settings is now on a white background. Cleaner, nicer-to-read, and easier on the eye.

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