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October 11, 2020

We’re continuing to simplify the way you use Karbon and interact with your team. This week we have introduced two new capabilities to help achieve this. Plus, some additional improvements to the beta version of Time & Budgets.

Mention your work or client team

You can now @mention everyone on the Work and/or Client Team for a particular item. Just type @team on a Comment or Note. Anyone on the Work or Client Team related to that item will be notified.

Drag & drop recipients between your email fields

You can now move an email recipient between the To: Ccc: & Bcc: fields with a quick drag & drop.

Updates to Time & Budgets

Time & Budgets is currently in beta, and on track to be released to all Karbon customers very soon. Thank you to all of our beta customers for providing feedback on this new functionality.

Based on this feedback, we have introduced these updates to all customer using the beta version of Time & Budgets.

Ignore suggested time entries

You now have the option to ignore a suggested time entry if you do not want that activity to be recorded.

Filter by Fee Type

Your Work view (in both List and Kanban Mode) includes a new filter for Fee Type. Choose whether to view work items where Fixed Fee, Time & Materials and/or Non-Billable Fee Type has been applied.

View Fee Type in work columns

Fee Type information has also been added as an available column on your work list, or display on your Kanban board cards.

Capacity included in timesheets

Your timesheet view now includes a Capacity column, which outlines the total available capacity for each colleague within that period.

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