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November 27, 2016

Today we released the following updates to Karbon: 

Job roles

Job roles allow you to allocate tasks to a particular role (e.g. Accountant, Manager, Bookkeeper) before you have decided exactly who is going to be working on it.

This is especially useful when setting up a checklist in a work template. Then, when you are ready to create work from your template, simply choose who is going to be the Accountant, Manager, or Bookkeeper on this job and everything will be assigned to the right people in your team. Presto!

Check out this video to see more on Job roles

See how to set up job roles and use them.

Checklist performance improvements

Work checklists have been completely re-built to improve performance for large lists with more responsive drag and drop functionality. You can also now choose to drag a checklist item along with any sub tasks as a single group. To do this, hold down the control (Windows) or command (Mac) key when you click on the top checklist item before you drag.

Infrastructure improvements

The reason for the longer than usual release yesterday was a bunch of under the hood improvements paving the way for some exciting new features coming soon.

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